Boom25 – Win the Cost of Your Online Shopping

Who wouldn’t love a chance to win the cost of their online shopping back?! For those of you that follow this site you’ll know that I’m a big fan of cashback, having earned over £500 with various cashback sites. I also love a competition and have won £100’s worth of holidays/gifts. Boom25 combines my love of cashback and competitions by providing the chance to win 100% cashback on your online shopping! Keep reading to find out how you could win the cost of your next takeaway, grocery shop, or holiday!

What is Boom25?

Boom25 is a new website that offers you the chance of earning a full refund on your online shop. Every 25th shopper that completes an online purchase through Boom25 gets 100% of that particular purchase refunded! There are over 870 retailers that you can shop with. Popular retailers include Argos, Topshop, Groupon and Ebay, but more retailers are signing up everyday! Boom25 currently has 800+ reviews on trustpilot with a 5 star (excellent) rating.

boom25 on trustpilot

How Does Boom25 work?

By clicking through a link on the Boom25 website to your chosen retailer, you’re automatically in with a chance of winning your money back! Boom25 gets commissions for every customer who makes a purchase through their service. They then set some of this commission aside to pay for the purchases of every 25th shopper. When a winner is chosen, you’ll receive an email invite to play Spin the Wheel to see if you have won! If you are the lucky 25th purchaser your winnings will be paid directly into your PayPal account upon request. You will receive your money within 21 business days – although it’s usually quicker. 

Wins are limited to a maximum £20,000 payout. Fast food purchases are not valid for full refunds – fast food wins are paid out at 50% of their purchase.

How does Boom25 compare to other cashback sites?

I use Topcashback for almost every purchase I make online. It is my favourite cashback site. However, Boom25 does have it’s advantages. Where a purchase may earn minimum cashback via Topcashback or Quidco you have a chance of winning the whole purchase back with Boom25. I would recommend using Boom25 over other cashback sites if the cashback rate is pennies, the retailer isn’t on the other cashback sites, orrrrr you’re making a big purchase and want to try your luck at earning some big money! The largest cashback win is currently £4,225 and you could be the next lucky 25th winner!

Sign up to Boom25

Boom25 is completely free to use but you will need to register for an account. Once registered you will also have the option to invite your friends and earn some bonus £££’s!

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