McDonald’s Monopoly: How to Win

McDonald’s Monopoly has returned for its 14th season. The 2019 game will run for 6 weeks (until Tuesday 30th April) at participating McDonald’s restaurants! There are 3 ways to play (explained below), 1000’s of prizes to be won (explained further below) & lots of food & drink items containing the prize stickers (explained even further below)!

This years prizes include £100,000 cash, £10,000 cash, Mini Coopers, £2,000 to spend on a holiday, a PS4 Pro, tons of experience and shopping vouchers, some of the latest tech and, of course, instant win food items.

How to win:

McDonalds Monopoly Win

Instant Win

There are 50 million of these out there so this is your best shot of winning! McDonald’s claim that there is an instant winner every two minutes so remember to check your stickers! Prizes include ice cream, hash browns, apple pies, burgers, fries, plus plenty more – including non-food prizes, like shopping vouchers, hard cash and NOW TV sticks, plus some of the property set prizes, like a MINI Cooper!

Online Wins

Every time you purchase a McDonald’s item that includes stickers, one of your stickers will include a code to enter online. Multiple prizes are given out every minute with these! You could win a food voucher or up to £100 cash. Side note: it’s been rumoured that entering your code at a time when less people are likely to can increase your chances of winning a prize.

Collect to Win

If you get all the properties in any given colour set, you could win one of the bigger prizes on offer in the game. Here are the prizes you can bag:

  • Dark Blue set £100k in cash (4 winners)
  • Green set – a Mini Cooper (15 winners)
  • Yellow set – £2,000 holiday spend with loveholidays (20 winners)
  • Red set – PS4 Pro (500 to be won)
  • Train set – phone of your choice with a one-year Sky Mobile contract (300  winners)
  • Orange set – Urbanears wireless headphones (1,000 available)
  • Pink set – Urbanears wireless headphones (1,000 winners)
  • Light Blue – £30 boohoo or boohooMAN voucher (14,000 to be won)
  • Brown set – Medium extra value meal or Big Flavour Wraps meal 2,000,000 available

The rare ones…

Some properties will be harder to find than others! The big prizes (e.g. £100,000) only need 2 stickers (e.g. Park Lane & Mayfair), however, there will be millions of one and only 4 of the other! Below are the ‘rare ones‘ that you need to look out for!

  • Dark Blue – Mayfair (4 available)
  • Green – Bond Street (20 available)
  • Yellow – Coventry Street (150 available)
  • Red – Strand (500 available)
  • Train – Liverpool Street Station (13,000 available)
  • Orange – Malborough Street (1,200 available)
  • Pink – Northumberland Avenue (3,000 available)
  • Light Blue – Euston Road (10,000 available)
  • Brown – Old Kent Road (1,500,000 available)

Where to find McDonald’s stickers?

Here are the McDonald’s items that come with stickers:

  • Fries: Medium – 2 stickers, Large  – 3 stickers
  • Soft Drink: Medium – 2 stickers, Large – 3 stickers
  • Premium Salad (excluding Shaker Side Salad) – 3 stickers
  • Chicken Legend – 3 stickers
  • Chicken Selects (3 or 5 pieces) – 3 stickers
  • Big Tasty – 3 stickers
  • The BBQ, The Classic or The Spicy from The Signature Collection – 3 stickers
  • Cadbury Creme Egg or Cadbury Caramel McFlurry – 2 stickers
  • Mozzarella Dippers – 2 stickers
  • Big Flavour Wrap – 3 stickers
  • Iced Frappe/Iced Fruit Smoothie: Regular – 2 stickers, Large – 3 stickers
  • Shaker Side Salads, hot drinks/drinks served in a bottle/carton – 2 stickers if ordered after 10.30am as part of a medium meal, 3 stickers if ordered after 10.30am as part of a large meal.

More for your money at McDonald’s

Student? Remember to flash your student discount card every time you buy a meal! You’ll get a free McDonald’s Cheeseburger, Mayo Chicken or McFlurry Original.

You can also find McDonald’s offers on bus tickets and in newspapers (like the Metro) to bag a burger and fries for £1.99. Typically the mains available with this trick don’t come with stickers, but the fries do!

The are 100’s of McDonald’s Monopoly stickers sold on eBay every year. If you are lucky enough to snag any rare stickers, you could use eBay to complete your set or to trade any unwanted prizes you want for cash.

Where to find free food?

I’ve bagged lots of free food during the McDonalds Monopoly promotion but there are tons of ways to get free food throughout the year. See how you can bag free food throughout the year with my free food guide (below).

More free food

What’s the biggest McDonald’s Monopoly prize you’ve ever won? Let me know in the comments below. Do you love a good competition? I have tons of competitions advertised on my site!

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  • I remember when I was younger and my mom took me and my cousin here we always use to save the stickers and monopoly prizes! This brings back so many memories. I wouldn’t mind doing this to get some cash right now!

  • Love it when they do the monopoly, I won a 6 nuggets or a mc chicken sandwich this week 😂 my brother one a free meal and my mum won a apple pie or an ice cream Sunday 👌🏼 Great post explaining it all. Love any excuse to eat McDonald’s 😂xx

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