Respondent: Take Part in Paid Research Projects

Are you interested in earning some quick cash by completing research studies online? The studies are effortless and the payout is high! Keep reading to find out more about the latest money earning opportunity from Respondent

paid research projects

What is Respondent?

Respondent is a company that pays respondents to help researchers with their studies. The research projects vary from week to week but most studies can be done from home on your pc.

The research projects are on a range of topics and the participant requirements can be as simple as answering a few survey questions, following a set of instructions while on your computer/phone or talking directly to a researcher through Skype.

How much can I earn from Respondent? claims that the average study pays about $140/£110 per hour. So it’s definitely a side hustle that is worth some attention.

Selected participants can expect to make $300/£230 within weeks of signing up. However, this does depend on how in demand your demographic is.

Payment is made via PayPal and you can expect to be paid within a few days of completing a research study.

How do I sign up to Respondent?

You’ll need to be at least 18 years, have a Paypal account and a Facebook/Linkedin account to sign up. And as offers international studies your location doesn’t matter when signing up.
If becoming a Respondent research participant seems like the sort of opportunity you’d like to try, you can follow the link below to create a profile.

Once you sign up you’ll need to complete some fairly detailed demographic information in order to qualify for studies.

Sign up to Respondent

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