Generate Cash by Selling Unwanted Gadgets

Most of us do not realise how easy it is to generate cash from selling things we don’t use and miss the opportunity to sell them when they’re most valuable. This includes unwanted DVDs, gaming consoles, old mobile phones and above all books we no longer need any more.

Selling Unwanted Gadgets

In this post, I have highlighted different ways to make money from items you might want to sell. It’s important to acknowledge that most gadgets, such as mobile phones and gaming consoles, quickly lose value with time. In most cases, within a few years, they hold almost no monetary value, so sell them as soon as you no longer need them.

Sell old Mobile Phones

There are more mobile phones in the UK than people, and that’s because a massive number of people do not tend to recycle their old mobile phones. Especially if they’ve broken. The value of mobile phones that are broken is massively underestimated. Luckily there are many companies that will happily buy your old mobile phones, regardless of their condition. But mobile phones lose their value with time so it is essential to sell them as soon as possible. I recently wanted to sell my Samsung s8, and in the past, I have recycled an iPhone 7 with a broken screen. Selling them to recycling websites is often better and far more convenient.

Sell Gaming consoles

Gaming consoles have been around for decades. But the last decade or so has witnessed a sharp increase in the new models due to advancements in technology. This increase in newer versions always put a strain on the older versions and makes them less desirable. But the sooner you sell your console, the more cash you can generate from it. I still remember when Sony launched its first PlayStation almost 20 years ago. It created a buzz, with everyone wanting to get their hands on an extremely innovative PlayStation. But down the line, it became another outdated gadget. Everyone prefers to have an upgraded and technologically advanced piece.

You can make good money be selling your gaming console as soon as you have upgraded or no longer use it. Sell it through Facebook marketplace or try using other online services such as eBay. I would suggest selling it through Gumtree or Facebook to save you postage and listing cost.

Selling DVDs

Unless you like to watch a movie over and again and have extra free space in your house, you should be looking to selling them. One of the best places would be an online website that buys old DVDs. There are several companies that offer a reasonable price per DVD. Another good platform would be selling your DVDs on eBay. Although you have to pay for postage and listing fee, there is an increased chance that you will find someone that wants to buy your collection.

Selling your books

We often underestimate the value our old books hold. Especially university course books, the dilemma associated with them, is that they lose their value as the content keeps on changing. New research and newer content makes these books less desirable. I would recommend selling them as soon as you finish your studies. Selling on eBay is the preferred route as you can search your book with the IBN number and list it automatically. If it’s an academic book it is highly likely that someone will purchase it.


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If you’re looking for ways to earn money, selling unloved and unused items is a great way to make cash and declutter! I’d love to know how much money you’ve made from an old phone or gadget in the comments below!

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