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Having a job where I can work from home sounds like a dream to me. I am currently writing this in my dressing gown, with my legs up, in front of the TV. I am living my best life! But for some of you out there working from home might sound too good to be true. Well I am here to give you hope, I managed to earn over £1000 from home last month. To make the dream a reality, here is a list of jobs you can do from home and where to apply for them.

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Become a Search Engine Evaluator

Working from home as a Search Engine/Social Media Evaluator is my favourite side hustle! The projects vary but usually involve you (an independent contractor) rating the ads you see online for £10+ an hour! I do this through Appen and have earned over £1000 in a given month! It’s worth checking to see if they have any current vacancies and remember to apply for any project that pops up! Read more about Appen…

Remote Research Projects

Respondent offer a range of work from home research projects that you can complete using your webcam, telephone or laptop. The projects vary so you do need to check the website regularly to see if you qualify for any new projects. I’ve earned £50 for a quick chat in a chatroom with one of their research projects before. Read more…

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Sell Online

Selling your unwanted items online can be a great way to earn a little extra cash, but if you want to turn your decluttering hobby into a reselling business you will need to consider the tax implications. There are tons of ‘re-sellers’ earning a living by visiting their local charity shops and carboot sales, buying bargains and selling them online with eBay and Amazon. Find out more about selling online…

Earn with Referral Programmes

If you run a blog, consider yourself to be an influencer, or just have a good sales talk, you could be benefiting my promoting products and services. Referral programmes are great for earning some extra ££’s promoting brands, services and products that you enjoy. Some of my favourite refer a friend options include my energy supplier (that offers £50 for each friend I refer),  my online bank (that offers me £5 cash for each friend I get to sign up), and a survey site (I get 10% commission on my referred friends earnings). Earn with referral programmes…

Money Making Smartphone Apps

Some apps pay out more than others so it’s worth looking into what apps will work best for you and your circumstances. I use these apps to earn money in from of the TV, on my daily commute and in my dinner break. VoxPopMe (a video survey app) is one of my favourite money making apps. There are also mystery shopping apps, survey apps, receipt apps and more! Read more…

Earn Money with Surveys

Completing surveys from the comfort of your own home isn’t likely to enable you to quit your job. But it is great if you’re just looking to earn a few extra ££’s in your spare time or on your dinner break. In my experience Prolific is the best paying survey site but survey qualification is often based on your demographics so you may have more luck with a different site! Read more…

Get paid to complete online tasks

I made £50 within my first hour of signing up to OhMyDosh! OhMyDosh! is a money making website where you can earn dosh for completing a variety of offers. It’s a free to use website, is a legitimate way to earn some extra cash. Earning money with OhMyDosh is really simple. You will earn 50p straightaway for signing up, and another 50p for confirming your email. Once you’ve completed the sign up process you will be able to see all the offers available including surveys, free trials, competitions and more.


Starting your own blog is a great way to express yourself online and could give you the opportunity to make money from home. Every week I come across more and more bloggers that are quitting their 9-5 jobs and are making a living from blogging. The most common opportunities for new bloggers to make money are through sponsored posts, paid advertising, affiliate marketing, freelance writing and product reviews. Creating your own blog is worth considering if you have some free time and want to work from home.

Earn Money From Your Idle PC

If you’re already working from home and have a PC and internet connection why not put it to further use? FluidStack is a cloud platform that serves website content from a network of consumer devices. When you’re not using your device Fluidstack will put your bandwidth and CPU to use. Earn up to $50/month with your bandwidth for doing absolutely nothing! Sign up, download the node and make money from your idle computer!!

Sign up to Fluidstack

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Working From Home Tax

If you are working from home on a regular basis and earn more than your personal allowance (currently £11,850) you will have to pay tax! You may also be able to claim tax relief for some of the bills you incur while working from home. You can claim for business telephone calls and the extra cost of gas and electricity for your work area. Check if you can claim here.

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