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If you are a regular reader of beemoneysavvy.com you will know how much I love to find new side hustles to increase my income! That’s why I’m a big fan of money making website 20Cogs. 20Cogs is a simple and effective way to make some extra £££’s from the comfort of your own home by completing fun offers. 

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How does 20Cogs work?

Once you’ve signed up to 20Cogs you’ll see your first Cog/ Level. On each level there are loads of different offers to choose from. If the first offer doesn’t appeal to you, you can skip that Cog and chose an alternative offer if you would prefer! Once you’ve completed your first Cog it will turn amber (meaning that it’s pending). This will turn to green once the advertiser has checked that you have completed the offer successfully. This can take up to 30 days to be confirmed but is more often than not much quicker than that.

There are 20 “Cogs” to complete. These Cogs consist of a range of online offers from completing surveys, to signing up to free trials, placing sports bets, to entering competitions. You will need to complete all 20 before you can cash out, but you’ll accumulate more money every time you complete a new offer! Please note, some tasks require you to use a credit or debit card and make a small payment in order to earn a larger payment.

When you’ve completed all 20Cogs (and they’ve all turned green) you can request payment. A claim button will appear on your dashboard and you will be able to request your earnings via BACS or PayPal – this should arrive within a few days.

How can I earn more with 20Cogs?

The average user will earn around £200 on completion of their first 20Cogs but some users report earning up to £700 by referring friends! While this is not a get rich scheme, it is a great little side hustle to make some extra money in your spare time. Here are some ways you can increase your earnings:

Referring friends – A great way to increase your earnings with 20Cogs is the very generous referral scheme. Refer your friends and family to earn 5% of everything they earn and £20 when they cash out!

Chose the higher paying offers – You will see when you sign up that some offers pay more than others. Often these offers require you to deposit a small amount of money in a gambling account or signing up to a trial that will charge you if you forget to cancel. Make sensible choices and set a reminder to cancel any free trials before they start charging you!

Read instructions carefully – Make sure to follow all the instructions for each task carefully to ensure that you qualify for payment. You could also take screenshots of the welcome emails for your completed offers (as proof that you’ve done all the steps you need to qualify for your reward).

Combine offers with hustles – in some cases signing up for a betting account and depositing a set amount will come up as one of the Cog offers. A smart side hustler could combine this offer with matched betting to double their earnings.

My 20Cogs experience 

I only created my 20Cogs account last week but I’ve already managed to earn £15 (£5 sign up bonus and £10 from completing my first offer). Upon starting my 20Cogs journey, I created a dedicated money making email address to sign up for all the different offers; this helps me to keep tabs on any terms and conditions worth noting and subscriptions that I need to cancel!

20cogs earnings

One thing that stands out to me is the patience that I’m going to need to keep on using the site until I have all 20 green Cogs! But lots of my side hustling inspirations have been sharing their earnings with this website so I’m keen to make it to cash-out and share my earnings with you!

Check back here for an update after I claim my first pay-out!

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