4 Unusual Ways To Earn Some Extra Cash

Sometimes we just need a little extra cash in our pockets.Christmas, birthdays, breakages around the house, they can creep up on us and mean the monthly paycheque doesn’t quite cut it. Luckily, the world is a weird and wonderful place with all manner of unique ways of earning enough cash to keep your head above water for the rest of the month. 

Save More Money

Don’t believe us? Take a look at these 4 unusual methods of earning some extra cash. 


Online betting and chain bookies in every town centre mean gambling is now commonplace in society. But for people who don’t understand gambling, it seems like something more likely to lose your money than help you make it.

There are a number of profitable ways to get into gambling. Matched betting is a great method of using the bookies’ own free bet offers against them to cover all possible outcomes and make money with minimal risk. You can also put your knowledge of sports to good use against enticing odds. For example, if you’re a bit of a football whizz you can find yourself profiting with your insider-like knowledge against bookies that don’t know any better. 

If you’re winning the weekly friendly poker game more often than not, then hitting the casino might be a great way of earning extra cash. 

While winning in the casino is a very different and more daunting proposition, if you find the right opponents you can really clean up. The top earners from poker in the world aren’t necessarily the best players, but the ones who know how to expose lesser players and earn enough to cover the fee you pay the casino for playing. Take some time to develop techniques that will give you an edge, such as learning how to count cards with this Online Casinos guide

Join a focus group

Focus groups are an essential part of how our favourite products and services are refined into the finished article made available to the public. Brands, public services and sometimes even charities are desperate for public opinion to help them develop the best output possible. Companies are willing to pay consumers to provide feedback on products or share thoughts on a new idea. Often, this is done through focus groups, which typically compensate members for their time.

Focus groups can be anything from testing a new product to watching a test screening of an advert or completing an online survey. The amount you’re paid for your services will vary, but it is an adaptable service guaranteed to always be needed.

Opportunities to get involved in focus groups are more prevalent in larger metro areas, but many marketers are moving into online discussions to gauge a more nationwide consumer view and not limit their research to one market. You can find work with focus groups on websites such as FindFocusGroups.com or do a web search for the words “focus group” and your closest metro area.

Rent your friendship

When we think of renting to earn a bit of extra cash we tend to think of our spare room, not our friendship.

With websites such as RentAFriend.com, this is now an entirely plausible way of earning money. The website allows people to rent someone’s companionship for a day, in a strictly platonic way of course. 

This entirely legitimate US service sees people offer up their friendship (and it clearly states, just their friendship!) starting from just $10 an hour and up to $50 per hour. As the website states it’s apparently a fantastic way of meeting someone to show you around a new town, teach you a new skill/hobby, or just hang out with. 

Other services you can provide alongside your friendship is acting as someone’s +1 for VIP events, joining them for a concert none of their friends are interested in or taking part in a sport. Best of all, you’re being paid to come along for the fun!

If you’re an easygoing, confident and communicative person this might just be the perfect job for you. Some users claim they’ve made over $50,000 a year doing it full time. To become a friend, you’ll need to fill in an application form describing your personality and send it to the community manager.

Be a TV extra

Ever sat watching an episode of Coronation Street and wondered who are those people wandering around the Rovers Return? What about those hundreds of people in the background at trains stations and concerts in major Hollywood films? They aren’t doing it for fun, they’re extras and get paid for it. 

The great thing about being an extra is you get to enjoy the buzz of being on a film set without needing any acting skills. They aren’t looking for the next Leo or Brad, they just need someone reliable and available at short notice. Official rates for extras start at £84 per nine-hour day and £105 for a nine-hour night. Having a speaking role or a special skill such as horse riding can help you earn even more. 

Think you could give up the time to become an extra? Get in touch with an agency such as castlingcollective.co.uk but be wary of agencies that require a big fee upfront. 

These might not be the first money-making methods that pop into your head, but they can be much more profitable, and fun, than getting a part-time job at the local pub. If you find yourself strapped for cash consider giving one or two a go.

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