4 Ways to Be More Career-Focused as an Employee

While creating a side hustle or two is excellent for boostingyour income, most hustles don’t lead to full-time work and become less fruitful as time goes on. If you’re still an employee, then it’s worth looking at what else you can do. Here are 4 ways to be more career-focused as an employee.

Kick Work Back into High Gear

If we’re honest, most people go through the motions with their jobs. According to Parkinson’s Law, the time it takes to complete work depends far more on available time than how long it should take. Similarly, to get through the day, we often are guilty of being in cruise mode.

To get your career moving and have promotion potential, it’s necessary to stand out from other colleagues. Upping your productive rate and improving interpersonal communication is likely to get you noticed. While it won’t lead to an immediate promotion, a fresh discussion about your career progression at the next performance review will provide more clarity.

Intentionally Avoid Distractions

It’s so easy to get distracted by other co-workers who aren’t intent on having a great career. Their focus on performance doesn’t match your own, and that’s perfectly fine; they have their path and you have yours.

Know what you’re doing and why. Block out distractions to focus on the most important tasks. This way, they can be completed well and on time. You’ll also be highly productive by adopting this strategy. Reduce desktop and phone notifications to help you and perhaps block some websites during certain times that take your attention away from where it should be.

See Yourself as Self-employed Even If You’re Not

No one will care more about your career than you. To be fair, other managers and higher-ups have other areas of focus. It falls mostly on you, so view yourself as an independent actor charting your path. 

Determine whether there’s a good possibility of moving up in the company or is it time to cast a wider net? Your employer is not the only one in town…

Let better performance lead to an excellent job reference. Use that confidently later to look for a position at another company that allows you to step up in position. Avoid making a lateral move like this because it will be obvious on a CV andquestioned at subsequent job interviews.

Advance Your Academic Credentials

With academic qualifications, if you feel that you could have done better, don’t rest on your laurels. There are plenty of degree courses for online study, which provides greater flexibility to fit them into your current schedule.

If you have a head for numbers, then accountancy coursesmight be a great way to explore that. Certainly, there are available accountancy degrees which will set you on a career in accounting and finance where promotions are easier to come by. Alternatively, if your interests lie elsewhere, then the Uni Compare website provides information on many courses available for online study. Take a look via the link above and see if a change in career is on the cards.

When paying more attention to your career and modifying your actions accordingly, it’s possible to see better results. Do nothing, and little will change on its own.

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