The Best Jobs for Ex Military Men and Women

For some of us, an everyday job is enough. We just like to see our job as a part of our routine. For others among us, we really put some time and effort into deciding our career path.

There is another group among us that often go overlooked. We live in a world full of ex veterans who after the military find it difficult to adjust into the everyday world. So what is the answer for these guys and girls? Well, we are going to look at just a few of the available careers that civilians can do for the government and just how they could help our veterans acclimate into the outside world.

Jobs for Ex Military


The Air Force Civilian Service is one of the most popular choices for not just ex-servicemen and women but as far as general employment goes.

The AFCS provides many different job opportunities to people from all walks of life. Some of the most popular choices include roles in administration and information technology. These two job roles, however, are only a few of around 600 possible roles.

Some of the opportunities provided allow for some incredible personal and professional growth and will come with some outstanding benefits.

In addition to all of this, should you still be an active service person, the AFCS may deem you eligible for employment with them. This can obviously provide a great number of benefits to yourself and service person partner.

The Sealift Command

As a direct alternative to the AFCS, a civilian job with the Sealift Command is the ideal opportunity for the ex-service person. They offer a range of skilled civilian jobs which are aimed at people with military training.

Even if your time in the services saw you in a non skilled position, the SC has a range of entry-level jobs to suit almost anybody. Some of the posts can still pose certain dangers though, so it is always best to be familiar with the Defense Base Act. As you should always know your standings as a civilian as opposed to your service rights.

The SC has provided many opportunities for ex-service people as it has a specific recruitment process for them. You are awarded points for your previous service and for previously gathered skill sets. 

Given the number of skilled careers available, the SC is a superb choice for any veteran looking for a new career in the outside world.

The Police

This may seem like a cop-out but go with it. Unbelievable, 19% of the entire police force are veterans. This is possibly due to the fact that the police offer a lifestyle similar to that of the military.

Most veterans become accustomed to the routine. The police can offer not just routine, but it provides job security and that sense of living on the edge that you just cannot find outside of the military life. The police are very supportive when it comes to hiring veterans. 

In fact, they offer not only employment, but they also provide support services and an excellent progression path. On the other side of things, ex-soldiers make fantastic police officers and for many reasons. Soldiers are first and foremost amazing team players. It is ground into their very routes to protect the people that surround them. 

Having people like this by your side when it comes to today’s world is exactly what any serving police officer would want. There is also a level of maturity that comes with an ex-service person. Veterans are usually hardened by their training, lifestyle and also conflict. The difference between a 25-year-old soldier and a 25-year-old accountant is more than you can ever realize.

Finally, soldiers have a particular ability when it comes to handling situations that others just do not. A soldier is trained under pressure and is programmed to deal with it. This basically means that in any given situation, having one of these guys by your side will not only make you feel safe but also ensure that you get home safely to your family.

There are in fact so many jobs and career paths out there nowadays that can help see a veteran on the right track. As a country, we have many thanks to offer these beautiful people. That protect us every day and by helping them adjust into society after many years of service, is pretty much the least we can do.

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