Press Release: Carpet Tile Wholesale 

Meet Ashley Haigh, CEO of Carpet Tile Wholesale. Ashley is a real money bee, offering a supply, design and fitting service for both small and large projects regardless of the budget.

In the cut throat sector of office refurbishment, saving on expense is a winning factor in competitive times. If contractors can achieve low price fit outs and help the environment at the same time, they are on to a winning formula.

The Carpet Tole Wholsale
 A recently refurbished reception area

Carpet Tile Wholesale: From the Beginning

This is where recycled products come in to the equation. Suppliers of recycled carpet tiles win on both counts and people such as Ashley Haigh, CEO of Carpet Tile Wholesale, are very adept at offering economical solutions.

Ashley, who worked in the textile trade for over 20 years, suffered from the same loss of business most others did when the EC dropped quota restrictions and allowed a flood of textiles to flow in from the far east.

Having warehousing capacity in 1997, allowed him the facility to test out recycled scrap carpet tiles on an industrial scale. This was successful enough that he opened the first online ecommerce site dealing exclusively in carpet tiles. As a natural follow on, contracts were established where Carpet Tile Wholesale went on to fit out as well as supply, floor coverings  in schools, hospitals and hospitality venues.

Why the Carpet Tile Wholesale?

Today they are able to offer a supply, design and fitting service, and at the same time meet the needs of the environment, something not foreseen as a marketing opportunity in the earlier years.

The company prides itself in being able to handle both small and large projects with many different types of finish. Everything that is taken in to the main warehouse is recycled and this has allowed it to establish itself as a major player in the recycling field.

These advantages allowed Ashley to establish his company to work to even the tightest of budgets and deliver on its promise.

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