3 Change Makers That Made a Global Impact While Studying

So, you want to make a positive impact.  You have a burning desire to do good in the world, but when you tell other people about it they think you are thinking “pie in the sky” i.e. mum & dad.  They tell you it’s not possible & you’ll never succeed at making the change you think is needed.   

The system is too strong, you are just one person, so you might as well just give up. Well, it is possible.  In this post we will focus on three change makers and their path to setting up a business which makes a positive impact every single day. 

Becoming a change maker is just like every other job.  There are certain things you can do to make it easier & ensure you have the skills needed to succeed in your chosen career.   Let’s find out how these change-makers did it. 

CHANGE MAKER 1:  Guarav Mehta

Sometimes it is difficult to figure out how successful business graduates actually are because there isn’t enough distance between their graduation & the time the article has been published.  Guarav Mehta graduated from London Business School with an MBA in 2010, he founded Dharma Life during a social enterprise whilst he was studying. 10 years later Dharma Life has 15,000 entrepreneurs involved in the program which impacts millions more.

The social enterprise helps improve rural life by giving villagers access to key amenities.  The project has helped to train more than 5 million women to use a smartphone, has sold more than 150K solar light solutions &  134,000 mobile phones & much more.   

Guarav believes that corporate partnerships and making the right connections are very important for a business venture to succeed and for a change maker to have the kind of impact they hope to make.  That is one benefit of doing an MBA in business since you are in the right environment to make those all important connections. 

CHANGE MAKER 2: Shadi Khawandanah

The second change maker on our list is Shadi Khawandanah who formed Special Direction a consultancy firm focused on helping companies implement social responsibility.  The company has a dedicated arm of the company which supports youths in the middle east + locations around the world to help add value to their personal life.  In 10 years they have handled hundreds of social and volunteering projects for Universities & large organisations linked into business & politics.  

Through focusing on the correct areas and leveraging access to organisations that can make a real change Special Direction has been able to make a global impact in areas of empowering youths & encouraging their participation in cultural programs.  

Shadi Khawandanah’s success has been supported by a number of education programs including studying a Doctor of Business Administration at Eu Business School.  Please note, if prospective students wish to achieve a doctorate, they must first complete an MBA. An MBA in Business Administration is available in Barcelona and other European cities from EU Business School.  

CHANGE MAKER 3:  Jesse Moore 

The final change maker we are talking about in this article is Jesse Moore.  This entrepreneur has a very successful resume after studying an MBA at Oxford’s Said Business School. M-Kopa has connected over 750,000 homes & businesses to affordable solar power which has opened up the opportunity to access not just lighting but technology they wouldn’t be able to access otherwise.   


In each case these entrepreneurs either founded their social enterprise whilst studying, or their studies directly benefited their enterprises.  For change makers wanting to make a local or global impact studying an MBA is a route which provides the skills and contacts needed to make a larger impact.

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