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Carry on reading if you want to earn £5 within minutes & have the opportunity to earn £5 for every friend you introduce too! Circle is a peer-to-peer payments technology company that’s very similar to PayPal.

How to Get Circle

 Step 1. Download circle

Step 2. Input your details – you can either sign up with your email or Facebook but you will need to add a debit card.

Step 3. Send a friend £25 (make sure it’s someone you trust – so that you can get them to send the £25 back).

Step 4. Once you’ve sent the £25 you’ll see £5 appear in your account (you can withdraw this straight into your bank).

I got all my family to sign up last night; I earned £15, they all earned £5 each!

Circle get £5

You’ve Earned £5! 🐝

Now you can invite your friends & earn more! For each friend that signs up through your promo link & sends £25 you’ll both get £5! This offer isn’t likely to be around for long so make sure to do it asap!“img_1058-1”

What do they gain from this?

Well, Circle actually gain a new active user! They can then shout about how many active users they have to businesses & use this to convince them that they need to use Circle as a payment method – this gives Circle the option to charge businesses commission on using their service as a payment method (just like PayPal)!

My only advice is to take advantage of this offer asap (and make sure you get your £25 back from your friend)! Want to earn more money? Check out my Side Hustles page.

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