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If you are looking for a new and exciting career, you will no doubt be juggling a number of different factors that will be important to you. You may have a different order that you choose to prioritise these factors in, but they may include;  work and home life balance, salary and bonus’, job satisfaction, company ethics, ability to get creative, and the opportunity to create something meaningful

You may find all of these things and more in some of these great suggestions for career avenues that you might wish to explore.

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The Aviation Industry

If you have ever fancied taking to the skies and flying a plane, then the aviation industry may well be for you. Not only will you get to get to jet off to lots of different countries each and every day, but you will also get to earn lots of money. 

If you are not one for flying, but love planes, why not become and an engineer that specializes in aeroplanes? This again is a very lucrative employment option which will provide you with the opportunity to work in an exciting workplace that is constantly innovating. 

If these are of interest to you, you could look at ACS to find out about training options. You will find that many of the jobs in this sector will pay well and provide you with a high level or training and support. 


While it is no secret that the job of a teacher can be challenging. With the behaviour of children to have to deal with alongside the need to hit certain educational targets. The teaching profession has become very political and it does often detract from the best things about the profession. 

Teaching can be a very rewarding career choice. Whether it is delivering a lesson that your class all enjoy and gets on board with, or if you’ve been spending a lot of time on one pupil and you get a great breakthrough, there are lots of things within the job to celebrate and take as positives. Of course, when your students reach the end of their school life you will hopefully be able to share in their exam results too. 

To become a teacher you can either do a straightforward teaching degree, or you could do a post-graduate course to add onto your existing degree to allow you to teach. 

The Medical Profession

Helping others is a major reason that many people enter the medical profession. There is a range of different jobs, from porters, through to nurses, and then from general practitioner right up to registrars, consultants, and surgeons. 

There are obviously a number of routes into medicine that you could choose to follow. Whether you are looking to go into a support role, nursing, or become a doctor will all take you down in different ways. 

Becoming a nurse generally means studying for a degree. There are different specialities that you may wish to study for such as becoming a mid-wife. 

Becoming a doctor takes seven years, some of which will be spent working in hospitals. The studying that is involved will be intense at times, and you will be expected to work long hours. Pay can vary depending on experience and position, but after you have progressed up the ladder it can become a lucrative industry to work in. There is scope to move up if you are a doctor in a hospital, so you will continue to be motivated. Of course, one of the major reasons that people become doctors is to help others with their health problems. 

The Technology Sector

Technology is clearly big business. It is all around us and it is continually evolving at rates that just seem to speed up constantly. It is a great sector to work in for those who are technically minded, but who have the creativity to keep on coming up with innovative ideas that will change the way that we live and do things. 

Training can vary depending on what you are doing. A degree in is often required though, and many will continue on to do a postgraduate course or a doctorate. 

If you can image yourself creating the next piece of life-changing technology, you could really change the world quite easily. There can be a great deal to be proud of when working in the technology industry with a lot of success to celebrate. Salary can vary, with some great developers earning billions.


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