Latest Free Money Offers

Latest Free Money Offers

I’m constantly on the look out for the best freebies, money saving (and earning) offers and free money promotions from across the web. I’ve been doing my research and these are some of the best free money offers that I’ve redeemed recently…

Free Money Offers

Cleo – £5 free

Cleo helps you to manage your finances by sending you updates on your earnings/spending through Facebook messenger! You also get £5 that you can withdraw straight into your bank account after you’ve linked your bank! The other cool thing about Cleo is that it breaks down your spending with graphs and charts – it’s like having a personal accountant!

Get Cleo

Oval Money – £5 free

Oval Money is an app that helps you to track your expenses, and move small amounts of money into a savings account automatically. After saving £5 through the app Oval will give you £5 free. Make sure to use referral code: EJGNN4EU when signing up!

Download Oval

Monzo – £5 free

Monzo Bank is a digital, mobile-only bank based in the UK. In April 2017 their UK banking licence restrictions were lifted and now they offer a current account all from their app. When you sign up through the link below, you’ll be credited with £5 after your first spend on the card.

More info on Monzo

Monese – £15 free

Monese is a 100% mobile, multi-award winning current account provider. When you sign up Monese will provide you with a fully functional UK GBP account number and sort code and offers a very rewarding refer a friend scheme! Download Monese & use code EMMAL738 to be rewarded with £15 bonus credit! This credit can be withdrawn straight back into your normal bank account and you can earn more by referring friends!

Download Monese

Curve – £5 free

Curve is a payment card that aggregates multiple payment cards through its accompanying mobile app. They offer cashback (for 3 months) too meaning that you can double the rewards you get from credit cards! Use code J7NOW to get £5 when you make your first curve card purchase.

More info on Curve

Jisp – £5 free giftcard

Jisp allows you to experience the High Street in a whole new way, offering live competitions, discounts and offers. When you first sign up to jisp there is a checklist, complete the checklist and you’ll earn a £5 gift card (including Argos, Debenhams and Starbucks)! Get 50p to start you off with code GUE9X7!

Get Jisp

WeSwap – £10 worth of free currency 

WeSwap is a peer-to-peer currency exchange platform that matches travellers heading in opposite directions and allows them to swap their travel money directly. They offer the best exchange rates, instant online currency and £10 free when you sign up (and load £50).

More info on WeSwap

Bean – £5 free Amazon voucher

Save money by tracking your outgoings with Bean! If that doesn’t already appeal to you enough, how about getting a £5 Amazon FREE voucher to reward you for using their service?! I know, crazy incentives (you’ll only earn the £5 amazon voucher after having an active account for 30 days).

Sign up to Bean

Airbnb – £25 free credit

Airbnb is an online hospitality service, enabling people to make money by leasing or renting short-term lodging including vacation rentals, private apartments, homestays, hostel beds, hotel rooms or just a spare bed for the night. Once signed up you will also have the opportunity to stay in other peoples properties (much cheaper than a hotel!).

£25 Airbnb free credit – £15 free is a travel comparison website and travel metasearch engine that compares the price/rating and location of hotel reservations. If it’s your first time booking through you can get £15 back after your first stay (credited to the payment method you used to make the booking).

£15 free credit

Deliveroo – Free Delivery

Deliveroo is an online food delivery company that allows you to get local takeaway (including KFC, Taco Bell & Five Guys) delivered to your door. If it’s your first time downloading the app you can get free delivery using the link below!

Deliveroo free delivery

WeShop – £10 free spend

WeShop rewards you for your recommendations. Post and share the things you’re wearing, using and putting in your home to inspire others, and collect points when you generate a sale!

WeShop £10 free credit

Mallzee – £5 free (on a £10 spend)

If you love getting great deals on top brands this app is for you! You can save all your favourite brands/clothes and then the app will let you know when they’re on sale! £5 free offer open to new users only.

Download Mallzee

Shopmium – free Nutella

As well as free Nutella when you first sign up, Shopmium gives away tons of FREE food and drinks from your local Tesco, ASDA, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and more! All you have to do is download the Shopmium app, buy the item you want, scan the barcode, upload a picture of the receipt, and then Shopmium will put the money you spent on the item back into your PayPal account! Use code “AEFAMUGY” when you sign up to get free Nutella!

Download Shopmium

Bulb – £50 free

Bulb offer green energy, are much cheaper than the big 6 energy providers, pay your exit fees and will also pay you £50 just for switching to them!

More info on Bulb

More Freebies…

Disclaimer: as these are ‘sign up offers’ you can only redeem them when you sign up, therefore, if you already have an account with them you may not be able to benefit from their sign up offer.

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