How Bad Events Can Be A Calatyst For Getting Rich

By definition, most people don’t like adverse events. Losing your job, getting involved in a car accident, or going through relationship change all massively drag on our emotional resources and leave us wondering why we’re on the Earth at all. 

It turns out, though, that negative experiences like these have a way of changing our perspectives and attitudes for the better. 

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The concept is a little tricky to describe in abstract terms, so let’s examine it by taking a look at some examples. 

Your Employer Goes Out Of Business

Given the chance (and decent working conditions) most people will stay with the same employer for years, if not decades. A steady stream of income and productive working relationships give people the comfort that they crave, discouraging them from moving on and finding pastures new. 

But there’s a problem with this approach: the worker in this example might not be doing something that actually fulfils his or her potential. Sure, the job could be cushy and rewarding, but if it isn’t maximising happiness or life chances, then there’s a massive opportunity cost.

Suppose, though, that the employer goes out of business and makes all its staff redundant. It seems like bad news. But for the person who was coasting, it is actually a great opportunity – the catalyst they need to get going and move onto something else. 

You Get Injured

Getting injured is yet another example of a situation in which it seems negative on the surface, but can wind up benefitting your finances. 

For a lot of people, injury means lost income and hefty medical bills. But when you put experience on your side by hiring legal professionals, you can often get compensation that exceeds your wildest dreams. Sure, you’d prefer to have avoided the injury in the first place, but if someone else was at fault, the rewards could be lucrative. 

You Get Out Of A Bad Relationship

While most relationships start well, they can turn sour, and not just on the emotional front. As the productive partner, you can find that your finances are being drained continuously and that you never get to enjoy them in the way that you’d like. The person you are with may spend frivolously or have an addiction, draining your cash reserves. 

Getting out of a dysfunctional relationship is painful, but it is also one of the most powerful things that you can do to preserve your wealth. If your partner cannot manage money and doesn’t respect the time that you put into earning it, you could be better off without them, financially and psychologically. 

You Hit Rock Bottom

When people hit rock bottom, they can go one of two ways. Either they can continue the destructive behaviour, or they can reevaluate their lives and decide that success matters to them. Facing death is often a driver for going out into the world without fear and putting yourself on the line, which is why so many people who reach their wits end turn things around. Again, the absence of comfort is what creates the conditions for success. 

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