How To Be A Great Salesperson

For those of you that want to sell products but don’t necessarily have the best selling skills, just realise that it’s actually easier than you think. The trouble new salespeople have is, they try to sell the product instead of themselves as well. In other words, you have to be involved with the product, you need to be convincing, really think about how the product could be used and go as far as sharing examples of this from your own life. Yes, you have to make it personal, you have to like and or love the product you’re trying to sell. Married to this energetic approach, is the need to make sure you’re selling yourself and the product through content. The consumers you’re trying to captivate and capture must first be allowed to consume something for free before they become customers. This is the entire nature of modern online selling through blog channels, video sharing platforms, social media and live streams. We are of course talking about affiliate marketing strategies. 

Get tech-savvy

Consumers won’t take your word for it purely and simply. No, they want to see you do the things you’re talking about. So, for your blog, YouTube channel and social media, you need to get really tech-savvy. Make small videos of you using the product or perhaps filming actors using the product. Whatever you’re trying to sell, you have to put the product in some kind of real-world scenario and show it to the world. For your social media affiliate marketing strategy, you must utilize Instagram well and truly. This platform has taken over Facebook, Twitter and even YouTube for pure affiliate marketing power. The platform has exactly what’s needed, the ability to post very short videos and have these ‘stories’ be readily accessible from all over the platform by just using a hashtag. 

Join a team

It’s very difficult to be a freelance affiliate marketer which basically just means that you are in the realm of being called an ‘influencer’. This involves having a massive online profile and being in the public eye for most of your working day or uploading as much content to the internet as possible every week. However, for this to be the right move for you, you really need to be famous in some respect and recognizable to brands and their audiences. So, as a beginner it’s best that you look for a team to join which will give you all the affiliate marketing opportunities possible. Take a look at these affiliate marketing programs for beginners and see the pros and cons of each. Of course, number one right now is Amazon. It’s the largest company in the world and this means, plenty of room for new affiliate marketers that want to create a platform to share the things they like and build up their own audience. Each of the companies have their own requirements and obligations, some of them are free and others are not. 

Genuine real-world uses

Many YouTube channels have shown themselves to go above and beyond affiliate marketing. Once upon a time they did reviews of products, giving in-depth analysis and doing tests of the products. This forged them a large audience overtime that has come to trust them and used to their style of content. Being genuine is the only way you can get across to the viewers and by doing that, you have to give more than personality. Perform genuine tests of products you are reviewing and marketing. Let’s take for example smartphones. If a brand has said that their smartphone gives 6 hours of on-screen time throughout the day, then you need to test this to see if it’s real. You might get 5 hours or perhaps even 7 hours instead. The bottom line is that you’re being genuine in your tests. Don’t give any products an easy ride just because they have partnered with you. Remember that products and brands come and go, but your audience will always be there as long as you’re telling them the truth.

Products cannot sell themselves no matter how good they are. But you need to sell your personality and your integrity to the audience to convince them you’re giving them real information and a good thorough review of the products. Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money on the side, but if you become tech-savvy and live to make creative content, it can become much more than that.  

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