How to Look Great For A Job Interview

Have you been invited for a job interview? Unlike social events where you don’t need to worry too much about how you’re dressing, a job interview is an opposite. You want to give off the best impression on your potential future boss. Even before they stretch out their hand to greet you, they must be told to take you seriously, by the clothes you wear. However, you’re also not dressing in high-end formal dress as you would at a wedding or a very important event. You need to dress formally in the business sense. But you’re still in the upper echelon of clothing and consequently, you could end up paying high prices. Here are ways you can save money and look like the best candidate.

Be a bit neutral

Men and women both have their own color spectrums when it comes to business wear. Men have a darker palate, blue and black dominate the suit category. However for women, white, grey and even brown are more sensible. Being a bit more neutral makes you look more open and relaxed which is great for workwear which you intend to dress in for a job interview. The $39.99 Atmos&Here Naomi pencil skirt in grey, is highly recommended because it goes just down below the knee. It’s not too high and not too low, perfect for not drawing attention but looking well-kept as well. If you are looking for a certain type of role such as in the creative industry, dressing so formal is perhaps not wise. So go with something like the $69.99 Katherine twist front shirt. In neutral white, it stands out by fitting slightly loose around the neck and hips, but still snug enough to be taken seriously.

A common need

Just like men, women have a certain type of work shoe that is universal. For men, black brogues or Oxfords are the mainstays that millions of men have become accustomed to. For women, black stiletto heels or smart black shoes are the norm. However because there is an abundance of these heels, you can go to virtually any charity shop to find yourself a pair of black slim heels for less than half the price of the full retail price. Check out your local charity shop or shop with a national charity organization such as Oxfam which will have this kind of business wear shoe. You can expect to pay on average around $40.00 for a good pair of used black heels.

Corporate specs

You may not want to wear glasses at home and have an especially comfortable pair for driving and such, but for work, you need to have basic boxy black specs. These look the most formal, professional and they don’t try to add too much in the way of style. Large glasses brands will have these kinds of specs, in their ‘corporate’ section. You can expect to pay prices on average around $30-40.00 for a pair of thin, sleek, black-framed glasses.

You can find really good-looking business wear for much cheaper prices than full retail if you look in the right places. Never be too snobby to look in your local charity shop for a pair of black leather heels.

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