Easy Ways to Lower Everyday Expenses

Most people want to be better with their finances, but it can be hard to stick to your goals over a long period of time. It gets even harder when you have spent years creating bad money habits that you are trying to change now. One way to accomplish these goals is to set realistic and attainable steps to work towards. Start where you are and build on the small, good habits you create. Here are some easy ways to get started making better financial decisions by lowering your expenses.

Use Coupons

Especially when buying clothes, decor, or appliances, it is important not to overpay. You should always plan your purchases around sales and discounts, but finding coupons like a John Lewis discount code can help you reduce expenses on all the necessities you need to buy.

Phone and Internet

Most people don’t use as much data as they used to due to the increasing frequency of internet hotspots. If you are no longer using enough data to justify the monthly expense, then you may want to choose a different phone plan. You may even be able to save money by bundling your internet and phone bill. Changing carriers may also be a smart move if you can find one with good coverage in your area with a better plan for you.

Food Expenses

Eating at home is less expensive than eating out, so be sure to think before you hit the drive-through. Making a meal plan for what you will eat each day can help you stop eating out based on impulse or lack of time. A little preparation beforehand can save you a lot of money. Once you have a meal plan, you can create a grocery list that will keep you from spending too much at the store while you are doing your shopping.

Manage Debt

Paying off debt can account for a large portion of your monthly budget if you are not careful. Managing this debt carefully can greatly reduce the amount of interest you pay and can help you get out of debt faster. You may want to consolidate this debt into one bundle with a lower interest fee. You should also make more than the minimum payment if you can. Avoiding going into more debt is also important. A small amount of debt can snowball out of control.


You should also examine your utility usage. Being more conscious about how you use electricity and other utilities can help you lower your monthly bills. You may also want to find other ways, like insulating your house better to reduce these costs. Programming your thermostat to lower the temperature in your home when you are away and switching to eco-friendly light bulbs are more ways you can lower utility costs.

Reducing Spending

You may also want to think about having one weekend a month where you don’t spend any money. Pay your bills during the week, and plan your shopping accordingly. Sometimes you may be spending money just because you are bored. Getting into the habit of not spending money one weekend a month will help you be more mindful of the times you do spend money.

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