Mistakes to Avoid when Selling your Car

Maintaining financial independence is harder than ever, and a lot of people, especially young people, are finding it hard to make ends meet. Constant increases in the cost of living, particularly rent, and low wages, mean that fewer people are meeting their financial goals. This is especially true when it comes to getting on the property ladder because people cannot afford to save the money that they need for a deposit. Debt is another big financial hurdle that people are struggling to get over. But a lot of these problems could be solved by a quick cash injection, which is why you should consider selling your car if you need the money. Some people can’t do without a car but if you can get by with public transport for a while and you would rather have the money for something else, selling your car is a good option. However, a lot of people make mistakes when selling a car and end up getting a lower price than they could have. If you plan to sell your car, make sure to avoid these common pitfalls. 

Selling a Car

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Setting The Wrong Price 

Setting the right price is absolutely vital but you’d be surprised how many people get it wrong. If you set it too low, you’re losing out on money, and if you set it too high, you’ll never be able to find a buyer. But a lot of people just guess at what they think it’s worth and they’re way off the mark. Before you put your car up for sale, you should get an online car valuation so you can see what it’s actually worth. If you want a quick sale, you can knock the price down a little bit, but getting an accurate valuation will help you to make sure that you aren’t getting ripped off on price, or pricing it so high that nobody will be interested. 

Selling To A Dealer 

Selling your car to a dealership is probably the easiest way to do it. You don’t need to worry about photographing the car and advertising it, you can just take it in, get a price, and get your money. But if you sell to dealer, you will get a much lower price than you would if you sold it privately. If you desperately need the money straight away, to pay off an outstanding debt, for example, then a dealer might be your best option. Otherwise, you should always sell privately and get more for it. 

Leaving It Dirty 

When you are trying to sell the car, you need to make sure that it looks like it’s in good condition. But so many people just advertise the car as it is, without even washing it first. It will only take you an hour or two to give the car a full clean, inside and out, but it makes so much difference. If the car is dirty, that gives the impression that you don’t look after it, so the buyer will wonder about the more important things like maintenance. 

As long as you can avoid these basic mistakes, you should be able to get a good price for the car.

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