Money Bee Stories: “I’m 71, Still Date, and Holiday Abroad”


Welcome to Money Bee StoriesMoney Bees is a weekly showcase of entrepreneurs, freelancers, side-hustlers; and anyone with a story about money. This weeks Money Bee is 71-year-old retiree Mary who has a few things to say about dating as an older woman (and the finances involved).

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Meet Retiree Mary

“Hi I’m Mary, I’m a widow, and was married for 45 years. I worked 20 years on home help and retired 8 years ago. Now I try to go out and socialise 3-4 times a week and aim to go on holiday abroad 4 times a year. I’d describe myself as a happy, sociable woman, and even at 71-years-old I can pull a fella if I want I one. I wouldn’t say I’m particularly rich or poor but get by comfortably. “

The Cost of Dating

The cost of the average date is £40 per person, with men paying out 27% more than women. Seventy-one year old singleton Mary says that “you’re dating the wrong people, I hardly ever pay for a date”. But says that she is willing to pay her way but believes that income should be taken into consider when splitting the bill.

“I would say that older daters have greater financial freedom and the time to enjoy fancy dinners and getaways”. Mary and her date agree to have “cheap weeks” opting for ‘2 for £5’ at the pub to keep the cost of a day out down.

As Mary mentions, dating doesn’t always have to be expensive. One in four singles aged 55 – 64 don’t spend any money on dates, with many opting for free dating activities.

How does dating now differ from when you were younger?

Mary says that she only really goes on dining dates or days out now, whereas when she was younger she’d go to the cinema or for a walk. “Dating is more relaxed as an older dater, you’re not trying to impress all the time”. She says there’s a lot more contact nowadays too “when I was first dating my husband we couldn’t talk on the phone, we just made arrangements to see each other”.

Financially Irresponsible Partners

Finances can even end a romance. One in four claim to have broken up with a significant other over money issues. And most people say that they would rather be single than cope with a financially irresponsible partner. Mary says that she’s never dated someone who isn’t financially responsible. She says that “she would try to help them sort their finances out before giving them the boot”.

Discuss money matters with your partner

Money conversations can often strengthen your relationship as a committed couple. “I suppose it depends on the relationship, if you’re living together it’s completely different to if you’re just casually seeing somebody”. However, Mary does say that she would question a partner if she thought they were spending too much money and suggest cheaper alternatives.

What the best and worse thing about dating as an older woman?

“The best thing about dating as an older women is that you can choose when and where you want company. But I do feel a little bad if I have I can’t meet up with my date on the weekend”. Mary also says that people often assume that because she and her date are older, and spending time together, that they must be married.

What advice would you give to over 50’s looking to date?

“Don’t think that you need to be with someone, you don’t, just enjoy yourself and if it happens it happens, enjoy your own time! If you are looking to date there are dating sites for older people too”.

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