Money Bee Stories: “I’ve always loved money saving and finding deals online”

Welcome to Money Bee Stories. Money Bees is a weekly showcase of entrepreneurs, freelancers, and side-hustlers. This weeks Money Bee is Claire, a blogger and web designer from Cardiff that has worked from home for the past 15 years and now runs her own web design and SEO company.

Meet Web Designer & Blogger Claire

Claire describes herself a an accident prone, tattooed, work at home mum of 5 from Cardiff, CEO of web design company ‘Cardiff Web Services’ and Money Saving Blogger. Daily Deals UK is a Money Saving Blog with a twist! In addition to our blog packed with amazing tips & guides to help you save money the website hosts a plethora of Voucher Codes, Sale Info, Deals, Freebies and Retail Glitches.

What is your job?

I have worked from home for over 15 years now, starting with Arise doing call centre work, I then spent two years as a search engine evaluator for Google, these jobs although pertained to be flexible as they were “WAH” jobs, in fact weren’t and with constant pressure to meet targets and work obscene hours I finally decided to take the plunge and open my own web design and SEO company. I have always LOVED money saving and finding deals online since I got my first laptop and spent hours on websites like MSE and Hotukdeals. Which is why after 6 years of establishing my web design and finding myself bed bound during a tricky pregnancy I decided to create my life long passion in to my own reality and my money saving blog was born.

The best thing about being a web designer/blogger?

The best thing about my job has to be the flexibility! I never have to miss one of the kids concerts, I am always here for school runs and to cook tea. I can go on holiday without asking, start when I want and finish when I want. I’m not great at taking orders so this is perfect for me!

The worst thing about being a web designer/blogger?

The Christmas dos are boring! It’s also hard not being able to tell anyone about your day or ideas because no one in my house has a clue about anything I do. Another thing is people don’t respect the fact that you are actually “in work” and do expect a lot from you as you are “only in the house”. I feel I would be taken a lot more seriously if I went and sat in an office all day, doing the exact same thing.

The average day of a web designer/blogger?

I get up at 7am and the first thing I do is check my emails, then it breakfast, school runs home to tidy up and then I usually make a start at around 9.30am. I work all day until it’s time to pick the kids up,then after tea, baths and bed I usually get back to it until I drop!

How much can bloggers expect to earn?

Well if you intend to be a blogger I would 100% recommend starting it as a hobby first and keeping another job on part or even full time to earn some income as it can take some time to start earning a decent income from a blog. Once you’re established the possibilities are endless, some bloggers earn up to 10k per month.

What are your blogging goals?

My 2019 goal is to triple my income from the blog, up my DA score by 10 points and to tackle Pinterest, which has up until recently not had any of my attention.

What has blogging taught you?

That if you want something and you work hard (really hard) to get it, you can! Blogging is a lot of effort for very little reward at first but it can turn in to something extremely amazing if you stick to it.

Claire’s advice for aspiring bloggers…

Research the hell out of everything, there are loads of amazing resources out there, mainly from established bloggers who have been there and done it and have written amazing articles to help new bloggers. I have spent hours on end making changes to the website, creating articles and other stuff only to have to completely change it all again. Do your research!

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