4 Reasons Why Negotiating With Car Dealers Is Costly

Unless you enjoy using public transport, you’re going to need to buy a car at some point in your life. In fact, Statista says that there are nearly ten million used vehicles on the road in the UK, which means the average motorist will own several in their lifetime.

Although negotiation isn’t your thing, at least you know where to go and find a decent make and model. Yes, a dealership is rammed full of potential suitors that you can drive away the same day.

You shouldn’t, though. Striking a deal with a car dealer will only cost you money, and here are the reasons why.

They’re Masters Of The Dark Arts

Trusting a car salesperson is similar to saying that you believe every word out of a politician’s mouth. It’s not going to happen. And, there is a good reason for this – they are notorious for being able to pull the wool over customers’ eyes. This Parkers’ post lists the best ones, from low-balling and then pulling out the deal to attempting to upsell another model. In the end, the likelihood is that you can’t cover every base as they are experts and it’s what they do for a living.

Brokers Will Do It For You

Okay, so you shouldn’t fight fire with fire, yet it’s hard to purchase a vehicle if you’re avoiding the lion’s den. Somebody else won’t agree to a quality deal on your behalf, will they? The answer is, ‘yes, of course!’ Smile Care Finance is a broker who puts you in contact with lenders that are trustworthy and have excellent reputations. Aside from this, they’ll also help you decide which perks you want and how to hunt for them. The great thing is that there are several brokerage firms like this one, which means there’s no reason to DIY a car sale.

Cars Don’t Last Long

The lifespan of a vehicle will depend on the individual car. Some manufacturers, such as Volvo, are famed for crafting long-lasting cars. Others, such as any Italian car dealer, have different reputations. However, as a rule, Auto Trader says you’ll probably keep yours for six years before entering the market again. While seventy-plus months sounds like a long time, it isn’t if you consider that you will probably keep on driving well into your sixties and seventies. That’s multiple opportunities for you to waste money, and another fantastic reason to put your faith in a broker instead. Plus, if you opt for a finance package, the fees could be higher.

Humans Are Like Crows

Humans like to think that there’s a massive difference between animals and us, but we share traits. Like a crow, you may be impressed by shiny objects that catch your eye, and you’ll find them everywhere in a dealership. All the sales rep has to say is, ‘automated parking’ or ‘rearview camera,’ and you’re hooked. Therefore, if you are going to haggle with them, please keep some level of perspective. Unless the gadgets are safety-related, the likelihood is that they are cosmetic and not necessary.

The only thing they bring to the table is to bump up the price!

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