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New Year, New You, More Money? When it comes to money, setting New Year’s resolutions for yourself is easy, but committing to and following through with those resolutions is a completely different story. If saving money is near the top of your New Year’s resolutions then this post is for you…

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Get Bank Savvy

There’s no better time to get bank savvy than the new year! Do you have the best savings account available to you? A simple switch could make you a bit of extra pocket money! Is your bank offering an ISA (help-to-buy/lifetime/innovative finance/etc.) that could help your current situation?

Are you paying subscription charges for services you are no longer using? The easiest way to check is by signing up to ‘bean’; they check all your ongoing direct debit’s, display how long you’ve been paying them & take care of the cancellation process if you want to cancel!

Do you know what you’re spending? Cleo is a tool that I use to keep a track of my incomings and outgoings – it’s like having a personal accountant that keeps your updates via Facebook messenger.

Want an automatic savings account? I use Plum; they calculate how much I can afford to save each month based on my bills and average spending, it’s super useful if like me you could do with separate savings account to pay for a holiday – they also send me weekly updates on how i’m doing budget-wise.

Quick Cash

Let’s start the new year with some quick cash right now! There are tons of sites/apps/companies that allow give you some free money when you sign up to their service. My free money page includes all the latest free money offers that I’ve found from across the internet (and I update it weekly!).

Latest Free Money Offers

Increase your Income 

A side hustle is a small job that you can do on the side of your regular work. There are tones of sites that allow you to make extra money by completing simple tasks. My side hustle page covers various extra income opportunities including, mystery shopping, part-time work, survey sites, freelancing and more!

Imagine a world where you could effortlessly earn some extra money from your computer, smart phone or by getting paid to do things you already do. You can! My list of effortless ways to earn money has a few smart hacks to make you money while you sleep!

Always fancied working for yourself? Whether that be a casual work-from-home job or a side hustle business that you set up and run as the company founder. Being proactive in adding a new income stream to your overall wage is the best way to improve your income this year!

Break Bad Habits

Do you smoke? With the cost of smoking on the increase, it’s been reported that you could save more than £3,796 a year by packing in smoking! You can get free (professional) support to help you quit with NHS Smokefree.

Do you buy lunch on your work break? The average worker spends £3.69 on their lunch (adding up to £860 a year!!), taking a few minutes to prepare a packed lunch could save you £££’s – packed lunch tends to be much healthier too!

Do you drink alcohol? The average Brit spends £787 a year on alcoholic drinks! Forget dry-Jan, how about dry-2020?

Coffee/Tea addict? Most Brits are, with the majority of us spending £500 on coffee/tea a year! Think how much you could save if you take your own tea bags/coffee to work instead of buying from the local coffee shop! There are also tons of coffee shops offering discounts if you take your own cup.

Paying for an expensive gym membership? If you’re going regularly and getting your moneys worth – fair enough! But if you’re not using it why do you have it!? There are tons of FREE exercise alternatives to the gym! Bean can help you to cancel your gym membership if you’re out of contract, if not get in touch with them and explain your situation!

Have a weekly takeaway? Takeaway isn’t cheap! If you can avoid takeaway& treat yourself to a nice home cooked meal from the supermarket, you’ll save significant £££’s! If you cant help yourself to a takeaway treat, make sure that you’re at least earning cashback on it!

New Year More Cashback

What would you say if I told you that every time you bought something you could be earning money back? WELL YOU CAN! There are various Cashback sites that offer you a % of your purchase back when you buy something from a particular website/brand! Sign up for a Curve Card, you can use this to get £5 free and more cashback after that when you shop in Tesco, Sainsbury’s & more!

Learn about cashback

Claim your Freebies

There are so many freebies you can claim from various sites and apps.

Or you could try to win some freebies! I’ve won over 50 competitions now including a free years gym membership, a free holiday to Berlin and an iPad! See all the competitions I won in 2017.

Tweet your New Years Money Resolution to @beemoneysavvy with #NewYearNewMoney & I’ll tweet you back with a money tip that I think would help you achieve it! Lets make this year better than the last!

7 thoughts on “New Year More Money”

  • This is quite apt. I ended last year on a very bad financial note. I had no savings whatsoever, my expenses superseded my income and I was literally always broke.

    This year, I vowed to cut down on a lot to save better and have something to show fro the days of my wok. So far, I have cut down on wardrobe expenses, junks, I cook and I’m taking more lessons online to learn skills i would otherwise outsources to someone else (Not major professional tasks though). So far it feels good and I hope to keep this up and see what I end the year with. It’s hard but I’m loving it- the results.

    • Exactly! I’ve read that Brits spend around £2000 a year on coffee! It’s defo a habit worth breaking if you want to save money!

  • This is such a great post and a lot of the things I hadn’t even thought of or tried. Will definitely be looking into this and using these tips. Thank you! X

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