Returning to Paid Employment after Working From Home

People with talents of all kinds embrace the freelance life. Working from home means you can live wherever you like and you have extra time in which to pursue your own creative projects.

But not everybody who embarks on the freelance life decides that it is ultimately right for them. Many freelancers miss office life, whether it’s for the social aspect or the financial stability. Getting back into the corporate world is not always easy, though.

If you’ve been a lone-ranger for a while, but you want to return to the nine to five lifestyle, these tips will help you make the transition.

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Be Prepared to Move

As a freelancer, you can work anywhere, provided you do online work. For this reason, many freelancers end up living in towns that offer a low cost of living, in order to make the most of that geographic flexibility. But when you make the decision to re-enter the workforce, you may not have much success if you simply start applying for jobs where you are. Though many cities are more expensive to live in, they offer far more opportunities jobs-wise than a small town can.

Go Where Your Skills Are in Demand

To maximise your chances of getting a job, it makes sense to work out where your skills are in demand, and move there. Many cities have a reputation as the global or national hub for certain industries. For example, Dublin is the European home for many of the world’s largest companies’ customer service teams. The tech industry is famously located in San Francisco, California. Though you can apply for jobs from anywhere in the world, you stand a much better chance of getting through to the interview stage if you already reside in the town in which the company you’re applying to work at is located. So if you’re currently in the San Fernando Valley and you want to work in tech, your first step should be moving to San Francisco. To save you time, here’s a great moving company to help you on your way:

Image Source: Pexels CC0 Licence

Your First Job Might Not Be Your Dream Job

Job hunting is no picnic, even if you’re experienced in your field, and you have the required skill set. If you’re trying to break into the job market after spending a period of time as a freelancer, it can feel like an uphill battle. At least initially, you may be more limited in terms of the types of roles you can apply for. If you’re shooting out CVs to jobs that look appropriate to your skill set and experience but you’re not getting interviews or call backs, don’t panic. For your first job, you may have to settle for something a little below your pay grade. You won’t be here for long, though. Try to see your first job back in paid employment as a springboard to get yourself up to the level you know you’re capable of.

Whether you’ve been working from home for a few months or you’ve had a long career as a freelancer, these tips will help you re-enter the world of paid employment.

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