How to Prepare for Extreme Weather

We’ve still not recovered after the last ‘beast from the east’ that took the country over last year. The fear is that this is now our normality thanks to shifts in weather fronts and the effect global warming has had. This means that there is news of yet another beast from the east ready and waiting to take a hold of the country and turn it white. However, this time we can be a little more prepared. Here are some of the things you can do to prepare for the next snow invasion.

The Beast From the East, bad weather (snow covered house)

Start stocking

You know the drill, as soon as there is news of snow everyone starts to panic buy milk, bread, and tinned food. But buying an extra tin of soup or bag of frozen food every time you shop will have you ready for anything! It may seem extreme. But if you live somewhere where your access to food could become limited, it is best to be prepared. Please only stockpile food that can be stored for a long period of time without going to waste.

Get the car checked

You may still need to use your car to get out and about, so it may be worth getting your car checked over and ready for the winter weather. It might be that you take advantage of a Winter Health Check, or find a deal from your local dealership/garage. Simply checking your tyre pressure can help too!

You could also consider snow tyres, tyre chains, ice scrapers, anti-freeze and windscreen covers to help you be prepared for the colder weather to come.

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Invest in supplies

It might be time to start thinking about some of the supplies you could use to help when the snow returns. Here are some winter supplies to invest in before the snow hits:

  • A snow shovel
  • Grit and salt
  • Thicker coats, hats & scarves
  • Ice grips for your shoes
  • Extra blankets

Get the boiler checked over

The last thing you will want is your central heating system breaking during the coldest months of the year. So now could be the ideal time to get that boiler checked to ensure that you won’t have any issues. Having a boiler check up can’t be expected to prevent problems completely. But it should give you some peace of mind that you have done all you can to preempt future problems.

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Prepare your house

It’s worth ensuring that you do what you can to get your home ready. This could mean insulating the outside pipes to avoid them freezing, and clearing out the gutters to help avoid drains being blocked or freezing over. These simple tasks could make a big difference.

Budget for Emergencies

There’s no telling what effects the weather might have on your car, boiler, or home. The last thing we all need is to have to fork out for major repairs during a snow storm. Make sure that you’re not caught short by emergencies and always have a rainy day fund saved up!

While I’m no weather woman, I hope these tips help you when it comes to the next beast from the east. If you have some words of weatherly advice please do share them in the comments below.

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