Are Motoring Costs Driving You Round The Bend?

If you’re on a mission to save money, the cost of buying and running cars may be driving you round the bend. If you’re forking out for repairs, or you feel like you spend half of your life at the petrol pump, don’t despair. There are ways to save


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Buying a new or used car without breaking the bank

If you’re considering replacing an old car, or you have a lease that is drawing to a close, you don’t have to spend a fortune to buy a new or used car. There’s a raft of options open to you if you’re looking for a new car. From inexpensive used cars listed on second-hand auction sites to brand new vehicles straight off the transporter, you can choose to buy cars outright, to part-exchange, or to purchase a car on finance. Before you make a decision, it’s wise to explore every option and work out how much you can afford to spend. Visit different dealerships, get some quotes online from sites like, and compare different types of finance if you’re keen to spread the cost and pay monthly. Look for special offers and promotions. If you’ve got a deposit, for example, you might find that some dealers or manufacturers will match your down payment to reduce the monthly fee. It may also be possible to get a good deal if the model you’re interested in is due to be updated or upgraded in the near future. 

Saving on fuel

If you drive long distances on a regular basis and you cover a lot of miles, you might feel slightly aggrieved at the amount of money you’re spending on petrol. There are options to explore if this is the case. One potential alternative is to ask your boss about working from home more frequently. You could also look into lift-sharing with colleagues, or ask about financial assistance with public transport costs, for example, a contribution to train tickets. If you’re keen to keep driving, and you have to spend a substantial amount of time on the road, it might also be worth thinking about swapping your car for a more fuel-efficient vehicle. Eco-friendly cars, for example, are much cheaper to run. 

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Cutting the cost of insurance

If you own a car, you need car insurance. While insurance is essential, it doesn’t have to cost the earth. You can reduce premiums by shopping around and comparing prices, and avoiding renewing your policy automatically. If your policy is due to end soon, take a couple of minutes to see if there are better offers out there by using a comparison website. You might be surprised at just how much you can save, and switching provider couldn’t be easier. It’s also beneficial to consider multi-vehicle policies if you have more than one car. Your premium may also be lower if you have a garage, or if you can prove that you’re a good driver by using a black box. This is particularly beneficial for young drivers who lack experience. 

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If motoring costs are driving you mad, take these tips on board today!

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