10 Steps To Running A Successful Restaurant

It is well-known that restaurants are competitive business. You have to be able to drive customers to want to eat at your restaurant, as well as enjoy themselves while they’re there, and they have to do this more than they would at other restaurants. If you don’t capture enough of their attention, you won’t be a successful business. This news isn’t the best; no one wants to know that they are failing. However, most restaurants don’t whittle away: they’re closed down quite abruptly because of their failure to engage their customer base.

We all go to restaurants to make memories, to enjoy a new atmosphere and to spend some time with our favourite people. It’s not just about the food, though of course, the food has a starring role. It’s about the customer service and attention that people get because they’ve spent time going to a restaurant to gain a specific experience. The thing is, if entrepreneurs aren’t happy with the way that their restaurant is performing, they close their restaurant down. There is also the fact that a lot of restaurants close because they’re not adhering to the rules of how a restaurant should be safely run. Customers notice when things are not right and go to the competition, which is the kiss of death for any restaurant business. 

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Too many entrepreneurs believe that if they are serving up good quality food, that’s all they need to be successful. The thing is, this is the most basic rule of a good restaurant: to serve good food. It’s not all about that. You have to turn your restaurant into a trustworthy brand that people can rely on when they want to go out with their family and friends. The starting phase is the most crucial part for any restaurant, and all you need to do to run your business effectively is to avoid making the same mistakes that failed restaurants have made.

This means that you need:

  • A plan to deal with financial strife
  • No marketing plan to build a solid brand
  • A professional logo design
  • A knowledge of your target market and customer base
  • A strong social media presence

Of course, this list isn’t endless. There are always more things that you need to be successful as a restaurant, and if you have ever wondered why owning and running a restaurant is appealing to so many, then you need to think about the ten steps we’ve put together for you below. Owning and running your own restaurant is not all that easy, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t step up to the challenge! Let’s take a look!

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The Little Details

Before you open your doors, there are a few things that you need to remember to consider. Going back to basics is a must, and you need to know the name of your new venture so that you can christen your brand properly. With this, comes the concept of your new restaurant and what you hope to achieve with it. Once you’ve established these small (and yet significant) details, you can come up with the menu. These are all extremely important to consider, and they should be what tells your restaurant story. How did you come to decide that the restaurant business is for you? Everything in your restaurant space as well as the way that you run it should tell your customers a story.

Look To Your Suppliers

Every restaurant functions with a large amount of equipment, from kitchenware to tables and chairs and even the light shades. You also have to think about equipment like credit card machines for taking payments efficiently and the cash registers that you will be using. When you decide on all of these details, it’s not just the equipment you must look to, but the suppliers which you intend to use. They must have the best prices with the best quality: skimping on that is not worth it!

Hire The Right Staff

Your chefs are going to be the hidden heart of your restaurant, so you need to find the right ones to run the kitchen. However, you should also think about your front of house staff and how they can make or break a customer experience. You want them to be attentive, but not annoying, intuitive, but not incorrect. You need to think about personal and professional appearances and how their actions will impact your brand. Hiring waiters, bar staff and chefs is a process so get some expert advice on that before you begin.

Know the Money

It’s easy to vomit money all over your new restaurant business. You want the best of the best for your staff and your customers, and yet you need to hold back at the very beginning. It’s essential for the success of your restaurant. You should be able to know your profit and loss and your cash flow before you open your doors. You need to know your investment is going to pay off, and that means having an understanding of how it all works.

Stay In Control

It is not simple to run a restaurant, and you need to think about your cost effectiveness and how to prioritize your spending. This is vital for success. You should also consider how your hands-on approach is going to impact your restaurant and the way that your customers view it. You must stay in control with your day to day running, but have someone on hand to delegate to should you need it. Lastly, you need to instill strong customer service in your restaurant. Happy customers will always come back.

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Kitchen Nightmares?

The chefs in your kitchen need to be able to work together, otherwise the entire idea behind your restaurant is going to fall apart. Think about how smooth your kitchen is running, and then improve it if it isn’t running as smoothly as you’d like.

The Right Price

Overpriced restaurants turn customers off if you have set up your establishment in an area that doesn’t respond well to higher prices. If you are setting up in an inner city, your prices are naturally going to be higher to reflect the quality of the ingredients as well as the rent on the premises. Basically, you need to know your audience properly so that you can set the correct pricing. Balance is important here, and you don’t want to get this wrong. This is why market research is so important before you get started!

Solid Marketing Strategy

The best way for people to come to your restaurant is if you tell them all about it. Making your restaurant a successful one involves a lot of marketing and promotions and there are a lot of techniques that will help you to get where you need to be. The best thing to do is to know your audience and market toward them accordingly.

Go Green For Your Sake

We are living in a time where people want to eat at eco-friendly restaurants who care about the environment. So, if you want to bring in the customers, abiding by the environmental laws of your area.

Always Leave A Good Impression

Your customers will not come back to you if anything displeases them, which is why you need to make sure that you give them something positive to discuss. You need to ensure that in this modern world where reviews spread very quickly, you are doing everything you can to leave the best possible impression. This way, people will always come back for more!

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