How To Save Money On Car Insurance

You can get a lower premium on your car insurance by following some basic advice. Always shop around and don’t leave it until the last minute. Use price comparison sites to research companies for the best deal you can find. There are things you can do when you apply for your insurance as well. Here are some simple tips.

Man driving a car

Don’t auto-renew

It’s better to do your research first when getting out car insurance. Shop around and use price comparison sites to find the best offers online. It’s often cheaper to go for a shorter-term deal. Don’t go for “auto-renew ” as this means that your premium will be renewed automatically with no room to negotiate. You will save more money by going with a company that is willing to make you a better offer at the beginning. Car insurance companies don’t tend to reward loyalty for some reason and it’s better to change instead.

Change your job title

Using a job picker online to make your job title sound more responsible will get you a lower premium. Not to advise you to lie in any way about personal information, but you can reword your job title to make it sound better without bending the truth. For example, use “illustrator” instead of “artist”, or if you run your own business, technically you’re the “company director”. This might sound better than putting “freelance plumber”. As long as the job you put technically describes the work you do, this shouldn’t be a problem for the insurance company.

Add responsible drivers

It can be more difficult if you’re in a high-risk category. Some drivers are considered riskier because of the car they drive, or because of inexperience. Men also have to pay higher rates than women. Adding a responsible driver to your insurance, this means someone with few or zero claims and a good few years of driving experience, will improve your rates. Do not in any circumstances lie and say they are the main driver as this counts as a type of fraud known as “fronting” and will get you into trouble. It’s just as much your insurance as is your whole of life insurance. You wouldn’t put anyone else’s name on your life insurance and hopefully, with responsible driving, you won’t have to make a claim on either.

Go used

Cheaper car insurance is one of the benefits to buying a used car. The reason for this is the dramatic depreciation that new cars go through compared to second-hand vehicles. New cars basically decrease in value as soon as you drive them out of the carlot. Unfortunately, they lose 11% on average of their value straight away and then more in the next few years. Used cars have already gone through this depreciation and are not brand new anymore, so you won’t have the same problem. You won’t need to pay the depreciation “gap” which is the difference between the original value of the car and what it costs now for example.

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