7 Ways to Save Money on Your Groceries

Taking a trip to the grocery store can be fun every now and again, but isn’t always as fun once you reach the checkout. We all need our weekly supplies, but when you’re spending hundreds of dollars per week on your groceries, there’s a good opportunity to save some money!

In this post, we’ll talk about seven of the best ways to save money on your groceries. Without further ado, let’s get into the article!

Follow the deals

Our first tip is obvious, and that’s to follow the deals. Not only do we see the deals change constantly throughout the year, but there are also certain deals that change up weekly. This makes it extremely difficult to keep track of where you should be doing your shopping in order to ensure you’re not paying too much.

Online, you can find a wide range of different store flyers that can help you to keep an eye on the deals. In the US, some of the best deals can be found here in the Hannafor flyer. They have almost weekly deal changes and prices are often reduced by a lot.

If you’re in Canada, then flyers of stores like Zehrs are your best bet. They have huge discounts on meats & fish on a weekly basis which can really add up in the long run.

By going to the stores that have the products you need on sale, you can usually save a good $20 to $30 per week, which adds up to $1000 to $1500 of savings per year!

Don’t be blindsided by the deals

It’s a good idea to shop where your groceries are cheapest, buttravelling from store to store trying to find the best deals is going to cost you a lot more time and money to do. Not just the costs of the petrol to get there, but also the extra time you take should be considered. Try focusing on the more expensive items you need each week and go where they are cheapest. 

It can be worth travelling to one or two different stores, but don’t over-do it!

Another option is to buy your groceries online, which allows you to browse the different prices much quicker. As long asyou find stores that deliver in your area and don’t charge too much for this, it can be an even better way to save both time and money.

Shop on a full stomach

Ever noticed that when you go to the store while you’re hungry, you buy more? When you’re hungry, you have the tendency to not only buy more but also stray away from your shopping list which results in you buying things you don’t really need. 

Even if you follow the deals and try to get the best prices, buying five or ten more products you actually don’t need will mean all your hard work has been completely wasted!

Try planning your trips to the grocery store after lunch or after dinner, this way you prevent your hunger from getting in the way of your saving strategy.

Plan your groceries beforehand

Make a shopping list and stick to it as much as possible. If you forget to add toothpaste to the list, there’s no need to go a week without brushing your teeth, but just try to stick to what you need and not waste your money on things you don’t. By following a list, you also prevent yourself from wandering aimlessly around the store, which may result in more impulse buys. 

The amount of food that is thrown out on a weekly basis worldwide is huge. By making a shopping list and sticking to it, you not only save money but you also prevent waste!

By planning your trip to the store in advance, you can also save a lot of time running around the store.

Don’t forget your coupons!

The couponing trend is still hot, and for good reason! Using the right coupons during your shopping trip can save you a huge amount each week. Sites like Groupon and Honey work extremely well, giving you access to a huge number of coupons both online and that can be used in a physical location. 

These deals are often different to the deals in the flyers, so it’s a good idea to check both. A browser extension like Honey does most of the hard work for you when browsing online stores, which makes things even easier.

Think about the brands you buy

More often than not, whether you buy a big-name brand or a smaller lesser-known brand doesn’t make much difference when it comes to the food inside the packaging. There is a huge difference in price though in most cases, with the big-name brands often being more than two times the price!

By going for cheaper brands, you can save a huge amount on your weekly grocery bill. This adds up over time in a big way.

Think carefully about anything pre-washed, pre-cut, or already pre-prepared

You pay more for everything that has been processed, be it pre-washed fruits and vegetables, or things that have been pre-prepared, like microwave meals or other ready-made meals. This is especially evident when it comes to pre-cut/pre-washed fruits, where a small bowl can cost as much as three to four times what they would otherwise cost if you prepared them yourself.

By washing and cutting your own lettuce, fruits, and other vegetables, you can save a lot of money each month.


Although each saving may only be a few dollars per week, it adds up quickly. If you can save $20 to $40 per week, that’s a whopping $1000 to $2000 worth of savings each year! Hopefully, these tips will help you save money on your groceries, and help you to hit your financial goals.

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