Save Money in September

September is the worst month for share prices which on average lose 1% of their value. A bad month for investment bankers but a great month for you as I’m going to give you my top tips to help you through September!

Back to School?

As part of the back to school season, KidStart are offering you the chance to win your Back to School shop back! All you need to do is create a KidStart account and complete your back-to-school shop through their website – they’ll track the total of your shop and put you in a prize draw to win your money back!

KidStart have a pretty awesome set up; they help you build up your kids savings account(s) with the cashback you earn through doing your normal shopping! You can also get your friends and family on board to help build up that savings account even quicker!

Find out more about KidStart

Off the Uni?

Congratulations! You’re on your way to getting a shiny degree… but hold up, how are you going to manage to juggle lectures, assignments, your new social life and earning money!?

Don’t worry, now that you’re a student you can claim student discount on almost everything that you buy (you should probably still look for a job – that stuff can make the money situation a little easier and improve your chances of getting a job post-graduation!)

Guide to Student Discount

Time to turn on the heating?

Where did the summer go? I guess it’s time to turn the heating back on… before you do why don’t you see if you could get your gas and electricity any cheaper with Bulb? I recently switched to Bulb and I can’t believe how much cheaper they are than my previous provider. Plus they’re currently offering £50 just for switching! Save the planet (and money), switch to Bulb.

You could also consider the ways that you could reduce the amount of money you spend on heating/travel and food by checking to see if their is a more sustainable alternative.

Save Money and the Environment

Need to update your Autumn wardrobe?

The season for shorts and t-shirts is officially over, which means the season for comfy pyjamas and comfy sweaters is here! Need to update your wardrobe? 

Update your Wardrobe on the Cheap

Thinking about Christmas?

Whether you love Christmas or loathe it, it’s approaching quickly! If you’ve not started planning yet don’t worry, it’s not too late to have a fun and frugal Christmas. There are tons of Christmas saving schemes, extra income opportunities and money saving tips that you can start using to your advantage now.

Christmas Saving Tips

Whatever you’re up to this September there are plenty of ways for you to save money! Make sure to sign up to our monthly newsletter to get more tips, tricks and freebies delivered straight to your inbox!

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