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Snatch is a free to play, virtual treasure hunt. Using augmented reality, grab parcels hidden around you virtually, then protect them from others who are trying to Snatch from you.You could win a free holiday, tickets to a gig, rewards and even hard cash just by picking up parcels on your doorstep!


I’ve been playing Snatch for almost a year now & have ‘snatched’ several cash prizes, gift vouchers and other various prizes. So I figured that I’d pass on my ‘snatching’ knowledge in the form of a list of tips…

Snatch Tip 1: Claim your 500 coin sign up bonus!

Not downloaded Snatch yet? Do it now & you’ll get a 500 coin sign up bonus.

Already downloaded Snatch but not sure if you claimed your startup bonus? Click on the menu button, go to the “500 FREE COINS” page, click on Redeem Here (at the bottom of the page) & enter the code ‘PT8YS4′.

Snatch Tip 2: Collect your Daily Bonus

After 3 days of opening the Snatch app your daily bonus will start to kick in! Meaning you’ll get a parcel, some coins & a few diamonds. If you forget to log in one day you’ll go back to day 1 again (meaning you’ll lose your daily bonus)

So try to get a long log in streak for more coins and diamonds!

Snatch Tip 3: Play More to Level Up

The XP points were introduced in November (2017) meaning that the more you play, the more features you unlock as you progress up the levels! Every time you level up you’ll be able to snatch from further away or hold more parcels in your swag bag.

The quickest way to level up is to collect & snatch parcels – but if you’re fairly new to this game you should probably stick to walking around and collecting them for now (so you’re not wasting all your coins!).

Snatch Tip 4: Know your Gadgets

The button on the bottom right of your Snatch screen takes you to your gadgets, these include (3) attacking tools and (6) defending tools:

To succeed at Snatch you need to know what all of these gadgets do, here’s a bit more info on each of them:

Snatch Tip 5: Suss out the Players Around You

Most people have routines that they follow most days right? An important one for playing snatch is what time players go to bed (meaning that their swag bag is vulnerable) & wake up (meaning that they have new parcels – that have 6 hours until reveal).

After playing for a while you’ll start to notice the regulars in your area – this info is particularly useful when figuring out what gadgets to use when defending (are they likely to snatch again soon?).

Snatch Tip 6: Hold on to Golden Parcels

Snatch golden parcelGolden parcels are GUARANTEED CASH PRIZES so keep hold of them! They could be worth anything from £1 to £1000+! Use your best defences to keep a hold of them and remember that traps & swarms can still get to you even if there are no players around!
If you do win one of the cash prizes you’ll have to cash out via circle – if you don’t have circle yet you can earn £5 by downloading the app.

Snatch Tip 7: Snatch in bulk

This is my strategy when playing snatch and it has to be the best way to safeguard both your parcels & your coins! Snatching in bulk means that you’re defending 10+ parcels at a time rather than spending 300+ coins just to defend 2 parcels (that might only have 50 coins in them).

Snatch Tip 8: Invite your friends

Firstly, they will place more parcels near you when more people are playing – winner. Secondly, both you and your friend will get an extra 500 coins if they register using your invitation code/link!

Snatch Tip 9: Find a Safehouse

On the Snatch Map, when you see a green Safehouse nearby you can check in and be protected. These can vary when it comes to how long this protection lasts (usually around an hour). You can only use a certain Safehouse once a day so use it strategically!

Snatch Tip 10: Sleep safe with your Guard Dog

Being snatched from during the night was a major complaint of die hard snatch fans in the past so snatch decided to introduce the guard dog gadget – using this gadget between 10pm-12am means that you’ll have 6 hours of partial (85%) protection. I try to remember to use it whenever I have parcels but need a good nights sleep!

What I’ve won from Snatch?

I’ve been playing Snatch for over a year now and as well as winning 5 cash prizes, I’ve won 5 Now TV Entertainment passes, 3 Now TV Cinema passes, a £5 Prezzybox Voucher, a free Graze Box, a £20 Asics voucher, a free month of Readly, a protein bundle, a razor & various other free trials and samples!

While Snatch is a fun gameplay on your phone, and you might win some prizes, it’s unlikely that you’re going to make a fortune from playing it, if you’re looking to add some extra £££’s to your pocket, I recommend checking out my side hustles page!

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