New Supermarket Comparison Tool Released By Latest Deals

Price comparison tool Mysupermarket has officially closed for business. Previous to March 1st 2020, millions of savvy shoppers used the website and app to compare prices across all major UK supermarkets. So how will we save money on our grocery shopping now? Fear not, the Latest Deals team have just launched their very own supermarket comparison tool, here are the need to know details:

Latest Deals App Supermarket Comparison Tool

A new supermarket comparison tool?

Tom Kelsey 33 from Oxford; Tom Church, 29 from London; and Deepak Tailor 32 from Essex, have made a free tool that compares the prices for essential supermarket products at Tesco, ASDA, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Waitrose and Iceland. 

The tool was made in response to rising prices at supermarkets and families struggling financially.

Tom Church, Co-Founder of said:

“We started to receive hundreds of messages asking for help. Supermarket prices are increasing, there are fewer discounts, and the lack of stock for home brands means people are forced to upgrade to more expensive products.”

“Knowing where is cheapest to buy your essentials is critical and essential information at this time. People are rapidly descending into financial difficulty and we knew we had to do something.”

The trio run an online money saving community with 1 million members called After receiving messages asking for help, they have worked day and night to create the tool.

The tool is available for free within the Latest Deals app on Apple iOS and Google Play.

Bee Money Savvy’s review

I’m already a regular user of as I love to find freebies and money saving deals. This new price comparison tool is just another string to their bow.

I’ve been using the app today to compare prices on my everyday essentials and it’s clear that I’m going to be saving a lot of money with this tool! For my first search I decided to compare the prices of toilet roll. The results provide me with exact comparisons of brands, sizes and prices from each major supermarket. You can see that the top result will pocket me a regular saving of £1.25, I’m sold!

Latest Deals App Supermarket Comparison Tool

Next I decided to compare Jack Daniel’s (this is a irregular purchase, I promise). The results show that it will cost £16 at Tesco, £24 at Iceland and £25 at Morrison’s. By using this clever tool in the Latest Deals app I will make a incredible saving of £8-£9!

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This new supermarket comparison tool will definitely be added to my money saving arsenal. Not only is this a great way to make sure that you’re getting the best deal on your everyday essentials, but it will also save your bank balance when it comes to buying specific items for special occasions.

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