Now is the Time to Advance Your Career

Lockdown situations around the world are encouraging more and more people to stay home, not go to work and simply lie in wait until we have a vaccine for Covid-19, which is the cause of a worldwide pandemic right now. Many of us are finding this situation a bit odd. We’re growing bored. We may be feeling lonely. We may be experiencing irritability. Another thing that many people are facing is questioning whether they’re even on the career path they want. We’re having time to mull over our jobs, our progression and what we really want in life. If you’re feeling like you need a change, it may be a good idea to spend your time in lockdown productively and look at ways you can progress your career when things go back to usual. Here are a couple of things you might want to consider!

Consider Further Education

When we think of higher education, we tend to think of teens straight out of compulsory education. But higher education is open to mature students (or anyone who considers starting an area of study past the age of 21) too! Now, one thing that often puts mature students off studying is that they may already hold responsibilities. You might have a job. You might have kids. You might not be able to move to study. But options are becoming increasingly flexible to accommodate as many people as possible. One option is an online course.

This is perhaps the most flexible learning option out there. You can learn from a distance, follow lectures online, do work around your own schedule and still communicate with tutors and lecturers for consultation online. This is also a perfect option when you’re in lockdown and can’t leave the house. Just make sure to do plenty of research into the courses you’re considering doing. You might want to ask questions concerning league table placements, the use and value of different degrees and more niche questions like what is an MPH?

Learn a Language

A second language is an invaluable skill to have. It expands the number of people you can communicate with and means you can get by when spending time in a country that uses a different language to your first language. It comes in extremely useful when you apply for jobs at companies that have an international audience. Of course, it may take a while to become fluent. But now’s a good time to get to grips with some of the basics. Language learning apps and software and constantly increasing in quality. Try Rosetta Stone, DuoLingo or Babbel!

These are just a couple of different ways you can help to advance your career even while you’re stuck in a lockdown situation. They can help you to take a further step up the career ladder in your current role or area of specialism, or they can help you to transfer to a completely different field. They’re a great way to invest your time and effort!

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