6 Tips to Help you Win Online Casino Games

Online casino games are completely random, so no amount of skill will increase the chance that you’ll win online casino games that you play.

However, you can do some things to maximise the money you win from these games and reduce your chances of losing money.  

I regularly make money through casino games and have found a number of tricks to help me cash out while using very little of my own money. In this post I talk through my 6 top tips to win at some of the world best online casinos

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Tips to Help you Win Online Casino Games

Win Online Casino Games – Learn to play for free 

We all love a freebie am I right? Learning to play your chosen game before betting any real money will help you to better understand the game. This will give you the option to practice different betting strategies and develop your own game plan based on your rate of success. 

Start playing and once you feel like you’ve mastered that game, and you understand what you need to do to win, you’ll be ready to start betting with your own money. 

Lots of online casinos offer the opportunity to play for free; either using points or a demo version. Otherwise, there are lots of dedicated free to play online casino sites. 

Claim Free Casino Bonuses 

Pretty much all online casinos offer players bonuses as an incentive to sign up to their site. And more often than not they’ll offer regular bonuses to maintain and reward your custom too. 

Here are some of the most common bonuses to look out for: 

  • Sign-up bonus – free credit/spins when you sign up to a casino website. 
  • Deposit bonus – free credit/spins when a player deposits a certain amount. 
  • Free bonus – free credit/free spins given for playing, hitting milestones, not logging on for a while or as a seasonal promotion. 
  • Refer-a-friend bonus – receive free credit for inviting a friend to sign up. 
  • Loyalty bonus – free credit/spins to reward you for your loyalty to the website. 

I also check cashback websites before signing up to a new casino website as you can often claim free money through them also. 

It’s worth paying close attention to any bonus terms and conditions to make sure that you receive your bonus smoothly. 

Choose the right platform 

Before choosing any online casino site, it’s worth doing some research on their legitimacy and looking up customer reviews. Transparency is always a good sign, WowPot Slots Casino for example, keep an up-to-date log of their recent big winners. 

There are lots of bad online casino sites that you’ll want to avoid; those with terrible cash out methods and dodgy terms and conditions. Make sure to always play at legitimate, trusted casino sites. 

Don’t Chase Losses 

If you regularly use casino sites you are going to lose from time to time. You can minimize the damage caused by losses by keeping your cool, taking a break and not attempting to win back your money. 

Don’t try to gain it all back by increasing your wagers or placing higher risk bets. Recognise when you are on a losing streak, accept it, and don’t give in to the temptation to bet over your allocated amount. 

Play Within Your Limits 

Most gambling and casino sites offer the option to set deposit limits – make use of them to ensure that your casino hobby doesn’t turn into an unhealthy obsession.  

As well as deposit limits you could set yourself winning and losing limits per session. It’s important to remember that this is supposed to be enjoyable – if you feel even the slightest hint of pressure or frustration it could be time to take a break.  

Equally, it’s best to avoid playing when drinking; alcohol can lessen your decision-making skills and increase your impulsivity – a terrible combination for casino games! 

Quit While You’re Ahead 

Similarly, to not chasing loses, it’s important to recognise when you’re winning. When you win big, it can tempting to continue betting in the hopes of winning more.  

If you ever find yourself with this mindset, ask yourself where will stop, either you’ll carry on winning and want to continue even more or begin losing and start chasing the winnings you once had – in both cases you lose out. 

Set yourself some perimeters, “if you win X amount, you’ll quit”, “if you lose X amount, you’ll quit”, “you will not spend over X amount”. 

Bear in mind is that using these techniques will not improve your chance of winning your chosen casino game. What they can do is help you to build a strategy that can increase your winnings and reduce the cost of your loses, so long as you are not wagering more than you can afford to lose. 

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