Trading 212: Free Stock Worth up to £100!

I recently signed up to Trading 212 via a promotion that gives you a free stock and managed to make £15 profit! Here’s some more information about Trading 212 and how to make up to £100 from their free stock promotion…

Trading with Trading 212

What is Trading 212?

Trading 212 is a London based fintech company that makes it super simple for anyone to trade with their free, and easy to use app! They are the UK’s #1 trading and investing app, offer zero commission on trading, and have had over 14 million downloads!

How safe are Trading 212?

Even though this deal will only have you risking £1 Trading 212 are a site your can trust! They are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (Register number 609146). And your funds are protected by the FSCS up to £50,000. The £50 000 limit for investments is going up to £85 000 from April 2019.

They also have dedicated 24/7 security to protect customers in real-time. And they have a live chat option in their app to help you with any queries you may have.

How to make profit with Trading 212

Follow these steps to making your first profit with Trading 212…

  1. Sign up to Trading 212

    Download the app

  2. Deposit £1 into an Invest account

    You may be required to upload some form of ID before your account is credited.

  3. Wait up to 3 days to receive a free share worth up to £100!

    I received my free share worth £15 within 10 minutes. The Promotion Share is randomly selected and may not be negotiated or exchanged for another. 

  4. 3 days later you’ll be able to withdraw the value of your share.

    After the promotional share has been allocated to you it will be subject to a settlement period of 3 days. You’ll be able to withdraw this money straight into your bank account or invest it in a new share. You’ll also be able to use the £1 you originally deposited.

  5. Enjoy your profit!

Am I eligible for this promotion?

This promotion is currently open new users who are residents of the UK, Switzerland, France, Germany, The Netherlands or Italy. You must open a Trading 212 platform (Step 2). See Full Terms and Conditions.

Looking to earn more money?

I have tons of money making offers on this site including Free Money Offers, Work From Home Opportunities, and Money Making Smartphone Apps. I’d love to know how much you make with this offer from Trading 212 – please do leave a comment below.

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