Turn Your Old Gold Jewellery Into Cash

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If you have some gold jewellery that you no longer wear, rather than leaving it to gather dust in your jewellery box, you can liquidate the items and get paid top prices. Old gold jewellery usually comes under the term “scrap gold”, and whether it is 9, 14 or 18k gold, there are several ways that you can turn unwanted gold jewellery into cash.


Pawn Your Old Gold Jewellery

If you don’t wish to sell your old jewellery, there are local pawnbrokers who will advance you cash based on the current market value of the gold. Their rates are very reasonable, and if you are not sure where to find a pawn shop, an online search will help you locate one that is nearby. If your jewellery has some sentimental value, pawning it is a better alternative to selling, as you can reclaim it at a later date, and they would lend you an amount that is close to the actual value of the gold.

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Sell To A Reputable Gold Dealer

Most reputable gold dealers will pay top prices for old gold jewellery. If you intend to sell your unwanted old jewellery, first check scrap gold prices at websites like Gold Buyers Sydney, who happen to be one of Australia’s leading gold dealers. They will weigh your gold jewellery, check the purity, then make you an offer. Should you accept, you will be paid in cash.

Look For A Jeweller Who Buys Gold Jewellery

You could try to find a jeweller that buys old gold jewellery, but it is likely that they will offer a lower price than the gold dealer. Not all jewellers buy old jewellery and those that do usually offer a lower rate than a gold dealer would. The jeweller might offer you something for the work on the jewellery, which would be in addition to the gold scrap value, but this would depend on the jeweller.

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Sell Your Jewellery To A Private Buyer

Although it would be unlikely that you would find a private buyer, you might be lucky. Of course the price you receive will depend on how much the buyer is prepared to pay. Prior to selling, you should check the weight and purity. This will give you a guideline to the current spot price for scrap gold. There are informative articles on how to check the purity of gold, which are recommended readings for anyone who wish to sell their old gold jewellery.

Special Mail Gold Service

There are companies who will send you a prepaid envelope to mail your jewellery to them, and they will value it and send you a cheque. There have been reports of fraud connected to this practice. The best way to sell your old gold jewellery is to source a reputable company that buys gold at the current spot price.

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So you have a few old gold jewellery items that you no longer wear? Rather than leaving them sitting in your jewellery box, why not source a reputable gold dealer who would be happy to pay you top prices for your unwanted gems.

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