Are Your Old Unwanted Items A Goldmine?

When you’re looking for either some quick cash or you want to make some space in your home – a great way to do both is to start selling stuff. Thanks to the internet there are numerous ways you can sell your things now, and even if you think they’re no good, it’s highly likely that someone somewhere will want what you’ve got. If you’re not sure where to start, then have a look at this list:

Selling old toys

Image by pasja1000 from Pixabay 

Childhood Toys

If you couldn’t let go of them or they’re still knocking around your parent’s house, then get rooting around now because not only could you sell your childhood toys but they could fetch a fair bit of cash. Have a quick look on eBay to see what similar toys are selling for.

Old Clothes

A lot of the time you’ve just got tired of your clothes, there’s nothing wrong with them, but you have new ones, and you don’t wear your old ones anymore. If this is the case, then dig them out and have a look on Depop, Vinted or ASOS Marketplace to see if you can shift some of your gear. 

Gift cards

If you’ve been given a gift card for a shop you never go in, then sell it on to someone who does! I’ve sold old gift cards on Depop and Facebook marketplace before, but you could also re-gift them if you know someone would appreciate them more than you!

Car Parking 

Do you have an unused car parking space that someone could be making use out of? If you live near a city centre, you can make quite a bit of money from renting out a parking space.

Your Car

Think about it seriously. Do you really need your car? Could you live without it and walk more and use public transport? You could make quite a bit of money selling a used car to somewhere like Reed Autos. Have a look and see how much you could make off your vehicle, and it might just persuade you to start walking more. 

Old Tech

If you’ve got some old phones hidden away in drawers then get them out, wipe the dust off them and get them on Envirofone or Fonebank. 

Unused Uni Books

You’re not likely to be using them again so why not sell your textbooks to a student who’s looking to get a bargain rather than pay full price for them. 

Empty Jars 

People do buy empty jars, so if you like your condiments, then recycle your jars and sell them online to keen homemade jam-makers. 

Broken Electronic Devices 

Don’t think that if something’s broken then, that’s the end of that; some people will buy your broken tech for used parts. You need to be honest that it’s broken and you’re selling it for parts so that no one is disappointed and complains about you, but there’s quite a market for refurbished tech so why not get involved? 

Egg Boxes

For people who have chickens and either can’t eat their eggs quick enough or they want to sell their eggs, they need egg boxes to keep them safe. So if you start saving them up, then you can start selling them on eBay.

Selling your old unwanted items is a great option for generating some extra cash. It’s also a great way to declutter and organise your space better! I’d love to know if you’ve found any hidden treasures in your unwanted items and what you did with them in the comments below.

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