WhatUsersDo: Get Paid to Review Websites

WhatUsersDo is a ‘remote user testing platform’. I’ve recently been using WhatUsersDo to earn money by testing and reviewing websites on my computer, smartphone and tablet! Partners include Virgin, Tesco, o2 and hundreds more! Sign up to become a WhatUsersDo tester and help improve websites…

How Much Can I Earn? 

WhatUsersDo pay £5 for each review that you complete (this usually takes between 2-10 minutes), and  process payments on the 25th of each month (excluding UK weekends and public holidays) via PayPal.

For example: for every test completed (and approved) in October, you’ll be sent payment on 25th November. I managed to earn £15 within the first week of joining WhatUsersDo and I was paid promptly on the 25th as promised!  

How Does WhatUsersDo Work?

WUD help companies to evaluate the usability of their websites or apps by recruiting testers (that’s you!) to review their services and provide real time spoken feedback.

how whatusersdo works


After signing up you’ll need to complete the ‘audition test’ to qualify as an ‘approved tester’. This process will require you to authorise a java applet that records your screen and microphone. Follow the instructions and speak your thoughts out loud as you navigate through a website or app. The applet is is safe and only runs when you are doing a test! It will only record what you allow it to record (so it won’t be able to see you through your webcam or anything weird like that!)

After you become a ‘qualified tester’ you’ll be able to reserve tasks, but like most task-based websites/app, its first-come-first-served and tests can come through at any time of the day (or night)! You have 30 minutes to start a review from the time that you reserve. I’d recommend setting up email notifications so that you can get in first! 

Sign Up to WhatUsersDo

The sign up process is simple but you will need 10 minutes to fully register! When you sign up you’ll also be given a referral link. Your referral link will allow you to invite your friends to become testers too (and you’ll earn £2 for each person that signs up via your link!).

Sign up to WhatUsersDo and let me know if you like it. How much have you managed to earn so far? Want more ways to earn money from home? Check out my top 5 ways to earn money online!

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