6 Best Free Finance Apps for US Apple Users

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Best Free Finance Apps for Apple Users

Staying in charge of your finances means you need to have a hawk-eye on your deposits and withdrawals. It isn’t enough to earn a good income—you need to practice good money management, otherwise you will find your account is constantly at zero or overdrawn. A fan of hobbies like gambling? Good financial management will allow you to enjoy your hobby stress-free—although, in this case, it also helps to understand how casinos work.

If you’re interested in finding apps that’ll help you take control of your finances, read our list of best finance apps for iOS to find one that is sure to suit your needs.


favorite of Forbes Magazine, there’s a reason why Mint is one of the top picks among Apple customers for financial planning apps. Mint includes all of the features you will need to help monitor—and eliminate—unnecessary spending, while also offering tips to help you save more money.

Getting started is easy. Simply download the app, create a profile, then create a budget and commit to it. The app will send notifications when you are nearing your pre-established budget limit, helping prevent you from overspending.

Mint also has the ability to plug into bank accounts, credit accounts and student loan accounts to provide a real-time overview of your debts and assets. All Mint finance information is presented to you in the form of simple, easy-to-read graphs and charts so that you can quickly address areas where you may be overspending.


This is another app that is a favorite among the editors over at Forbes Magazine, Acorn is a great tool to help manage investments, offering customers the ability to invest in a diversified smart portfolio, which enables you to add amounts as low as $5 a month.

You can also connect your credit accounts to Acorn for some help keeping track of your expenditures. With Acorn, you can also earn up to 10% cashback on money spent at selected restaurants and other establishments. Acorn also has a wide variety of resources available to help educate customers on investment finance, including news and interviews with top investors.


Better financial health is just a click away with PocketGuard, an app designed to help you save money by cutting overspending. With this app, you can link all of your bank, credit and student loan accounts for all in one monitoring—it will also provide reports on your spending after your bills are paid so you can trim the fat as needed.

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With PocketGuard, simply create a budget and commit to it by paying close attention to the app’s notifications on when you’re nearing your limit, as well as its helpful tips on how you can prevent yourself from going over budget in any given area.

Credit Karma

An important component of financial management and planning that cannot be overlooked is your credit score. The Credit Karma app allows you to keep an eye on your debts, as well as monitor your score, offering reports on areas where there is room for improvement—including things like debt utilization and hard inquiries, which can negatively impact your score.

Additionally, you can use the Credit Karma app to file federal and state tax returns, and it’ll help you get the highest refund possible. Credit Karma also offers identity theft prevention services and will evaluate your credit profile to match you with potential lenders and credit card companies based on your ranking.

Good Budget

With Good Budget, you’ll be incorporating an old-faithful method of financial management—the envelope system. Users can create individual envelopes on their device to assign their budget to different expenses, such as a specified amount of money spent on groceries, entertainment and so forth.

After your envelopes have been set up, you’ll be able to monitor your expenses across each category and see where you’re overspending. For every envelope, Good Budget will send you a notification when you’re nearing your spending limit, helping you stay on track.

Wally Next

Wally Next is an all-in-one financial management app that allows you to link your bank, credit, savings and student loan accounts, enabling users to monitor all of their debts and expenditures in a single app.

When you create your account, you will be asked to set upfinancial goals for yourself. This is achieved by creating weekly or monthly savings targets, with a variety of reports tailored to your financial profile to help you view areas where you can make cuts to accomplish your financial goals.

In addition to notifications, Wally Next will provide financial tips through the week to give you ideas to help you stay on top of your budget.


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Hopefully, one of these apps is perfectly tailored to your needs. Good financial management is a skill. Like any skill, it takes time to master. That being said, with these apps, you get all of the support and resources you will need to put yourself on the road toward better finances—affording you the extra money it takes to do the things you love.

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