Good Causes You Can Support for Free

Would you love to donate to charity and support good causes without spending a penny? There are lots of ways to do good without donating money. Here’s a list of ways you can help your local community, national charities and the planet that require no money, very little time and hardly any effort.

Support Good Causes for Free

Give blood

By giving blood you could save or improve up to three lives! You can give blood every 12-16 weeks and can donate platelets every 2 weeks. Find your local donor centre and sign up for an appointment. The process takes less than 15 minutes, so can be done in your work break or in your spare time. 

Become an organ donor

You can register to donate your organs to give someone in need a second chance. Once registered make sure your family know about your wish. There are lots of people with life-threatening illnesses who could benefit from your organs when you no longer need them and it’s just one of the positive things you can do that wont cost you a penny!

Switch to an ethical bank

Mainstream banks invest in fossil fuels and nuclear weapons (to name a few). You can make sure that your money isn’t being used to invest in war, exploitation and non-renewable energy by switching to ethical banking. Ethical banks have environmentally and socially conscious rules and policies in place to take positive action on a number of causes (e.g. investing in renewable energy research, supporting eco-friendly start-up businesses, and helping poorer communities by financing affordable housing).


Find a volunteering opportunity in your local area. There are tons of charities that could benefit from your time. You could offer specific skills, such as marketing or IT, or working in a charity shop. If you have little time to spare you could actively promote a charity online or organise a one-off fundraising event like a coffee morning or a dress up day at work!

Help your neighbours

Do you have an elderly neighbour who might be in need of help around the house? You could offer to do a bit of gardening for them or pick up some groceries, just inviting them over for a cup of tea could make a huge difference to their lives. Age UK can help you find isolated, housebound older people through its Good Neighbour Schemes.

Donate unwanted items

The simplest ways of giving to charity without parting with cash is to donate your unwanted possession! When you’re next spring cleaning, collect some items to donate to your local charity shop. 

Donate to Foodbanks

There are dozens of freebies that you can collect to donate to your local foodbanks. You can get tons of free nappies, baby wipes, food and drinks if you know where to look and what apps to download.

Download Tab For a Cause

Raise money for charity with every browser tab you open! With each new tab you open you could be building libraries, planting trees, sending emergency aid, and more. Download the Tab for a Cause browser extension, open a new tab and start donating to your preferred cause.

Help Cancer Research with Your Phone

Download the DreamLab app, choose a project to support, and each time your phone is plugged in, charged, and connected to the internet, you’ll be helping the fight against cancer. Alongside thousands of other DreamLab users, you’ll be using your phone to power a virtual supercomputer, capable of processing billions of calculations – and helping research into better ways to fight cancer.

Switch to a renewable energy provider

Bulb is 100% renewable when it comes to electricity! Bulb’s renewable energy comes from anaerobic digestion (organic farm waste is used to generate gas). They are cheaper that the big six (British Gas, EDF Energy, E.ON, Npower, Scottish Power, and SSE). Bulb will also cancel your previous contract (including paying any exit fees you may have), and credit your account with £50 if you switch through an existing customers referral link! Read more about Bulb and to get my referral code here…

Donate your cashback

Cashback really is a great way to earn some extra money! You go about your usual shopping either through a cashback website or by paying with a cashback card and then you get a % of the money you spend back! I’ve saved £100’s by claiming cashback every time I shop online and this can be donated to some great causes. Read more about cashback here…

You really can make a difference and do good without spending a penny. I’d love to know what good causes you’re supporting below!

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