#FoodBankAdvent – Do Good This Christmas

In 2017 UK Money Bloggers started the hugely successful #FoodBankAdvent campaign. This Christmas we’ll be running the campaign again and we want you to get involved! If you’re looking for ways that you can do good and spread the Christmas cheer this is the campaign for you!

What is #FoodBankAdvent?

Starting on 1st December, families across the UK will be opening a new door on their advent calendars, and enjoying a daily treat in the lead up to Christmas.

However, the #FoodBankAdvent is a Reverse Advent Calendar. So instead of (or as well as) you getting a little treat on each day of advent, you’ll give a treat everyday in December. 

The idea of a Reverse Advent Calendar is to support our local foodbanks as they prepare for the huge spikes in demand during the winter months. You can support the campaign by collecting an item a day and putting them all together to donate to your local foodbank during December. 

Find my local foodbank

What you can donate?

Before you start to collect donations, please do have a read of The Trussell’s Trust’s ‘what goes in a food bank parcel’ to see the sorts of things that are most useful. Tinned and dried foods are usually the most preferred (as they have a long shelf life).  

If you look on your local food bank’s website there may have a list of what they most need. As well as donating food, toiletries (especially feminine hygiene products) are also often desperately needed.

Food bank requests

Join the Campaign

Bee Money Savvy has started their Reverse Advent Calendar already but it’s never too late to join! If you’re taking part in the reverse advent calendar campaign this year please do upload a photo of your donations on Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter, using #FoodbankAdvent!

We’re hoping to make this campaign bigger and better than last year so it’d be great to get friends and family involved too!

I’d love to see your progress so please feel free to tag me in your donation posts @beemoneysavvy 

Freebies to add to your Reverse Advent Calendar

Want to take part in the reverse advent calendar but worried about how much you can afford to donate? We’ve got you covered! There are dozens of freebies that you can collect to donate as part of your #FoodbankAdvent.

Join Emma’s Diary and download the Bounty App (iOS and Android) for free baby wipes and nappies.

Download Shopmium, CheckoutSmart & Green Jinn – these apps (available on iOS and Android) offer lots of freebies throughout the year and in the run up to Christmas.

Free food, drink, toiletries and more!

My #FoodbankAdvent

Here’s what I’ve managed to collect so far. Check back for updates on how my reverse advent is coming along!

Reverse Advent Calendar

Reverse advent calendars will not solve the wider issue of the number of people living in poverty in Britain. But it does give us a chance to do our own little bit to make sure one less person goes hungry this festive season. Start collecting for your own #FoodBankAdvent this year!

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