Cover The Cost Of Christmas

The time has come when you can’t put Christmas off any longer. For months, you’ve been ignoring anyone who utters the C word. But now, the gear is in the shops, the lights are up in town, and television adverts are full of festive cheer. Your friends have finished their shopping and you’re starting to freak out a bit. You haven’t even started buying, and you’re at a loss as to how you can afford the whole thing from your December wage.

This is just one of the stresses we face at this festive time, and you’re not alone. There are plenty of people wondering the same thing as you right now. Hundreds of worried shoppers are searching out the largest discounts and the best deals they can find. The good news is that we can offer some guidance! Would you like to afford the whole festive period without dipping into your December pay packet? It may sound too good to be true, but it is possible. No one said it’d be easy, of course, but by following these pointers, you could make it happen!

Christmas decorations

Set clear budgets

The first thing you need to do is develop a Christmas budget and stick to it. If you don’t do this, you’ll find it near enough impossible to see this plan through. The moment you overspend, that December pay packet will start disappearing. To make sure it doesn’t happen, sit down and work out exactly how much you intend to spend on people. Draw up a list and put it somewhere you can see.

Find quick alternative incomes

You need to find the money for this somewhere, after all. We said we could stop you from spending your monthly pay here, not that we could work miracles. As such, you need to consider alternative incomes with fast turnovers once you have a budget in mind. Paid online surveys are one of your best bets here as they can see money going into your account as soon as you start. Equally, selling things online can have a fast turnover at this time of year. Either way, you need to consider how you could make enough to cover your budget without dipping into that protected pay packet.

Extra Income Opportunities 

Avoid buying everything at once

It’s also essential that you don’t buy everything straight away. This is a trap many of us fall into when we’re panic buying, but don’t do it. It’s unlikely your chosen side hustle will create enough income to afford a splurge like this. Even if you dip into your official pay and convince yourself you’ll replace it later, you probably won’t.

Once those presents are in the bag, you may well forget all about owing yourself. Don’t let it happen. Instead, only buy things once your side income allows for it. If you work hard enough at this, you should still have plenty of time to earn enough well before Christmas day rolls around.

My Top Money Saving Tools

Every year I manage to save £100’s by using a series of useful money saving apps and websites. Here are my top 5:

TopCashback – TopCashback earn commission for referring you to a retailer when you shop online and hand this commission back to you. More info on TopCashback here.

Airtime Rewards – Earn money when you shop to pay off your mobile phone bill. Enter code D4E3EPAA when you download Airtime Rewards for a bonus.

Shopmium – the best free food app! Claim a free tub of Ben & Jerry’s (as well as other freebies) when you download the Shopmium app.

SnapMyEats – Earn gift cards for uploading receipts. Upload 3 receipts to earn £1. Download SnapMyEats.

Honey – A browser extension that searches for discount codes when you reach the checkout of an online shop. Create an account.

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Christmas doesn’t have to be the season to send you into debt. Start preparing early and get ahead of your finances now! Make sure to save before we get to December and shop smart when it comes to buying those Christmas presents. 

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