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Completing surveys in your spare time is a great way to earn a little extra cash. Whether you’ve got some spare time on your daily commute, lunch break or after you’ve put the kids to bed. Survey income will not make you rich but it will pay for birthday presents and treat nights. Here are the survey sites that I use:

  1. Swagbucks
  2. Voxpopme
  3. Prolific
  4. Bulbshare
  5. YouGov
  6. Branded Surveys
  7. Toluna
  8. Attapoll
  9. Curious Cat
  10. Viewsbank 

Carry on reading to find out how much I’ve made from each site and what payout methods they each offer:

High paying survey sites


Swagbucks claim to be the web’s most popular rewards program, they reward you with gift cards/cash for tasks that you often already do online. Earn points by shopping, watching videos, searching the web & answering surveys. I’ve almost earned £100 with Swagbucks now, it has to be my favourite survey site!

Cash-out method: Money directly into your PayPal, gift vouchers at major stores (including Amazon), Sweepstakes entries.

Potential earnings: I’ve earned £70 in Amazon vouchers to date. However, those that use Swagbucks daily claim to earn £5+ a week!


Voxpopme (App)

Voxpopme is such a simple & quick way to get rewarded to voice your opinion on various topics. The only catch is that you have to record yourself while you give your opinion – so if you’re fine with that this could be a winner for you! Voxpopme is an app available in the US, UK and Australia on iOS & Android. 

Cash-out method: Money directly into your PayPal (minimum withdrawal of £10).

Potential earnings: I’ve earned £15 in 1 month & I’ve spent less than 5 minutes on this app. You will be paid between 25-50p for recording yourself talking about a topic for 15 seconds, questions are fairly regular, and you can earn £1 for recommending a friend.



text: "10 of the best paying survey sites" image: coffee cup and laptopProlific was set up to help researchers find participants for their studies. In return for completing their research questionnaire, you’ll be rewarded with a cash incentive – winner! 

Cash-out method: PayPal once you reach £5.

Potential earnings: I cashed out £20 straight into my account a few weeks back – I’d earned this after completing around 10 research questionnaires and I felt pretty accomplished considering I was helping someone complete their academic research. Some researchers will also send you a small bonus depending on the type of research survey you take part in and how you answer the questions.


Bulbshare (App)

Bulbshare is an online community where you’re asked to get creative and help brands with their logo, slogan, and marketing ideas. You’ll need a code when you sign up, I used “Kindness” for my first one (you should be invited to more when you start using the app).

Cash-out method: Paypal (money transfers automatically once your submission is approved).

Potential earnings: On day one of downloading Bulbshare, I manage to earn £5! You usually get paid £5 (UK) or $7 (US) for every 3 completed tasks. There are also a lot of competitions where you can win £50, £100 or even £150!



YouGov is a market research firm that rewards you with points every time you complete a questionnaire for them. Once you reach 5000 points you can cash out £50 cash! YouGov surveys take around 5-7 minutes to complete and are on a wide range of topics from politics, products, brands, product affairs and more.

Cash-out method: Direct bank transfer when you reach £50 (yay!).

Potential earnings: I’ve redeemed my YouGov earnings once and it took me around 6 months to earn that. Some claim to earn in the region of £50 every 2 months.


Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys claim to be one of the world’s most popular market-research communities. Their surveys are pretty simple, and you can see your rewards stacking up!

Cash-out method: Money directly into your PayPal (minimum withdrawal of £10).

Potential earnings: If you use Branded Surveys regularly you’ll be able to cash out much quicker! My favourite thing about Branded Surveys is that they also reward you don’t qualify for a survey (because it’s super annoying wasting your time with surveys that disqualify you after you’ve already spent 5 minutes on there). 



Toluna likes to consider itself to be an ‘online community’ dedicated to making your voice heard! You can express your thoughts through polls and surveys directly on Toluna and for participation in most Toluna activities, you will be awarded points. You can also get the app to earn on the go (available on iOS and Android)

Cash-out method: E-vouchers (including Amazon, Costa, Argos & more!).

Potential earnings: If you use Toluna regularly and get lucky with some big earning surveys you can tally up those points quite quick! For example, I earned 10,000 points in 30 minutes today (55,000 = a £10 voucher), so it wouldn’t be too hard to earn £10 a week! Joining the influencer panel and downloading the chrome extension will help boost your earnings.


AttaPoll (App)

Attapoll is a survey app. It’s available for both Android and Apple – you can only use it on your phone/tablet! It’s a low effort survey app – surveys take around 2-5 minutes (but they’ll let you know roughly how long it’ll take to complete before you accept it). You can download AttaPoll for free here.

Cash-out method: Money directly into your PayPal (you’ll need to withdraw a minimum of £5) or charity donations.

Potential earnings: I cashed out my first £5 this week after having the app for a month. However, it depends on how many surveys you complete a day! You’ll also earn 50p for recommending a friend.


Curious Cat Surveys (App)

Curious Cat allows you to earn money by answering simple surveys on your phone! The app is easy to use and let you cash out when you reach 100 points (£1). The average survey rewards you between 20 and 200 points – so you can cash out most days!

Cash-out method: PayPal (after you’ve earned just £1).

Potential earnings: Within 2 months I’ve cashed out over £25. I’m pretty impatient when it comes to cashing out so usually withdraw my earnings every time I get over the £1.00 threshold.



Viewsbank is an online community where you can exchange opinions and stories on topics that matter to you.

Cash-out method: PayPal (the threshold for your first payment is £12.00). Viewsbank will automatically send you your earnings when you reach the threshold (this can take up to 30 days to arrive).

Potential earnings: You are guaranteed to earn 10p a day in the daily admin poll. Then there are survey assignments that get sent to your email (payment varies) and the monthly prize draw (usually £15). My mum earned £5 just for sending her insurance renewal dates to them.


Have I missed your favourite survey site? Let me know below and I’ll make sure to include it on this list! I’d also love to know which survey site you’re getting paid the post from if you would like to share how much you’ve earned and how long it’s taken you to earn that much?

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4 thoughts on “Earn Money with Surveys Sites”

  • You should add quick thoughts to the list. They pay in Amazon gift cards every $10. Surveys are usually worth $1-2 each, so it’s fast earning. They let you complete 5 surveys a day and pay a 10¢ bonus on the first 5 a day you don’t qualify for

  • I actually never looked into this survey thing. I saw pins about it on Pinterest here and there but I didn’t know there were so many different ways to earn money doing this. This is really useful information, and a really cool way to earn extra money with your spare time. Thank you for sharing this.

  • Survey is a legit side hustle. Every dollar counts.

    I earn an average of 4,000 dollars from surveys yearly. As a medical professional, you would be surprised how much they offer for surveys sometimes. A telephone survey could earn you 200 to 250 dollars sometimes. The ones I have tried are SERMO, opinionsite and M3global.

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