Effortless Ways to Earn Money

If like me, you’re always looking for more ways to add to your income you will know that this can often take a significant amount of effort. From lengthy application processes to figuring out if that get-rich-scheme is too good to be true (it usually is). Wouldn’t it be convenient if someone put a list together of effortless ways to make money? So we did just that! Here is a list of super simple ways to earn a little extra cash for next to no effort.

Effortless ways to earn money

Automate your savings

While savings accounts don’t offer much interest, it is still money for nothing. And you can make putting your spare cash into savings effortless with automation. There are tons of applications that can do this for you, but the most simple way is to set up an weekly/monthly direct debit of a chosen amount (that you know you can afford) from your current account to a savings account. Maximise your earnings by shopping around for the best interest rates. If you’d like an app to calculate how much you can afford to save based on your monthly spending, I would recommend Cleo! I have an account with Cleo and each month it works out if I’m under or over budget, moving money into my savings account accordingly.

Shop Smart and Earn Cashback

If you regularly shop online you can earn money every time you shop with cashback! I make sure to shop through TopCashback every time I shop online and have now earned over £400 with very little effort. There are other cashback websites but TCB is my chosen one (they have better promotions in my opinion). You can also automate this process by downloading the browser extension on your computer and downloading their app for your phone.

Guide to Cashback

Credit Cards with Rewards Programs

Doing a bit of research to find out which credit cards have the best rewards programs is a great way to make money when you spend money. My credit card offers me points towards amazon vouchers, but there is a whole range of cashback incentives that credit card companies offer. The trick here is to not let these rewards encourage you to spend!

Bonus tip 1: sign up for a Curve Card and you can double your rewards! Load your credit card onto the Curve app and they will offer 1% cashback on selected retailers on top of your existing bonus.

Bonus tips 2: Download the Airtime Rewards app for even more automated cashback on multiple cards. Sign up (use code D4E3EPAA for a sign up bonus), link a card, and start earning cashback at Wilko’s, Argos, Boots and more!

Earn every time you see an Online Ad

I’ve had a great experience with Gener8 Ads. I won £100 from one of their daily competitions back in February and have been a big fan ever since. Gener8 is a google chrome extension (or firefox) that, once downloaded, will run in the background while you browse the internet. You are then credited tokens for every ad that you see (you do not need to click on them). These tokens can then be exchanged for gadgets, gift cards and charity donations. Gener8 predict that the average user could generate around £20-£40 a month.

Download Gener8 Ads

Get Paid to Search the Web

This is by no means going to make you rich, but it is a pretty effortless way to get paid for doing something that you’re already doing. Instead of searching through Google use Swagbucks to surf the web and you’ll start making money for your searches! Swagbucks will also reward you points to watch videos, play games and take part in monthly challenges! These points can then be exchanged for gift cards, charity donations and cash straight to your PayPal.

Start Earning with Swagbucks

Make Money from your Idle PC

This is such an effortless way to add a little extra passive income. When you’re not using your PC, Fluidstack puts your bandwidth and CPU to use. Earn up to $50/month depending on your internet speed. Sign up, download the node, and start making money, it’s really that simple! You can also add multiple devices to increase your income.

Sign up to FluidStack


If you’re looking to make big money without much work then investing is an option worth considering. If this is something you would like to find out more about you can look at these 5 investment opportunities. Most banks also provide a variety of investment products if you’d feel more comfortable doing this through a brand you trust.

A word of warning when it comes to investing: there is always an element of risk involved. I would only invest an amount of money that I can afford to lose.

Sell Advertising Space on your Car

If you have your own car, you could make easy money by selling advertising space! Car Quids pays you to stick adverts on your car. you could earn up to £100 a month with very little effort. Don’t worry the ads peel off easily and don’t leave marks, and of course you will have the option to accept or decline the ad depending on its content.

Become a Life Drawing Model

Are you confident with your naked body? Then this may be an effortless way to make a little extra cash. Life artists are always looking for models, particularly those with unique features, such as lined faces, curved bodies, even tattoos or scars. Most life models will make at least £15 per hour. If you’re serious about becoming a life model most vacancies will be advertised on the usual job sites (Indeed, Gumtree, Job Search, etc.). Please note: life models must be over the age of 18 for legal reasons.

Install Slidejoy on your phone

If you’re an android user Slidejoy lets you earn money from your phones lock screen. Install the app for free form the google play store, and they will pay you to use your phone’s lock screen as ad space (you don’t need to click on these ads to earn). You can expect to make between $6-10 a month, and can redeem your credits for vouchers from Amazon, Uber, Spotify, and Tesco to name a few.

Download Slidejoy

Download the MobileXpression Software

MobileXpression is a market research company who aim to improve the mobile internet. They do this by asking users to download their software onto their phone or tablet and collecting data in the background. You can get a free Amazon gift card worth £5 in just a week for doing almost nothing! You’ll also earn extra points (redeemable for more vouchers) every week that you keep the software on your devices.

This software allows your mobile browsing data to be collected, and used to create market reports, to help them understand internet trends. You are of course anonymised and can opt out (and delete the software) anytime.

Download MobileXpression

I truly believe that you get out what you put in. However, sometimes it’s about working smarter rather than working harder. These money making hacks, websites, and apps don’t require hours of work but really do have the potential to help improve your financial position if you stick to them. If you’ve found an effortless way to increase your income I would love to hear about it – leave me some love in the comments below!


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