How I made £500 with TopCashback

TopCashback (TCB), has been a part of my money-saving journey since I started online shopping. Top Cashback was launched in the Summer of 2005. Their aim was simple; “to develop a website that would help each and every UK resident to save as much money as possible on their shopping”.

TCB is a cashback website and is the easiest way to get money for nothing on all your regular online purchases. Carry on reading to find out more about this money-saving hack and how I managed to earn over £500 from it!

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How does TopCashback work?

The process is simple. Firstly, sign up to TopCashback cashback website. Whenever you shop online click through their website (most major retailers are featured on their site). They get a commission from your favourite retailers for referring you and they reward that commission back to you!

The trick is to get in the habit of visiting a cashback website before you make any online purchase. Additionally, you can download a chrome extension that will remind you every time you visit a retailer that offers cashback. Do this and you’ll see the money building up in your cashback account in no time.

Once you’ve earned over £10 you’ll be able to withdraw your earnings. You can withdraw straight into your bank account/PayPal or through one of TopCashback’s gift card partners. Additionally, there are payout bonuses if you chose to cash out with a partner retailer – I always claim my cashback as a Tesco gift card to use next time I go grocery shopping.

Is Cashback safe?

When I’ve explained what a cashback website is to people before I’m often faced with questions/concerns. Why would a company give away money for nothing? Is my data being stored? Are my card details safe?

TopCashback aren’t giving money for nothing, they’re simply cashing in on referral commission and then giving you the majority of it! However, the only data they store is your visit to the retailer and they can’t access your card details. Having used this money making method for nearly 3 years I haven’t had any security issues! In fact, the customer care team at TCB are more than happy to address any concerns you may have.

TopCashback review: How I earned over £500

TopCashback Earnings

I make login to my TopCashback account either online or via the TopCashback app before purchasing anything (including takeaways, grocery shopping, buying clothes & Christmas shopping!). There is also a “free cashback” section where you can earn money without spending a penny. And a snap and save section that allows you to start earning cashback on seasonal foods (such as Easter eggs, Valentine’s Day cards and Christmas wrapping paper). Additionally, make sure to check the “on card” section to check which of your favourite retailers are currently paying cashback.

But if you want to earn big £££’s, you’ll need to remember to use TCB on your bigger purchases such as utilities and holidays! Here are my biggest cashback earners:

Household Bills

I recently moved into a flat with my partner and being the money-savvy one I took care of our broadband! Therefore, I used TCB and managed to find a great little deal from Sky at £18pm. But having signed up through TCB I got £110 cashback + £2.50 bonus (which paid for 6 months!). As well as the cashback, Sky sent me a £50 pre-paid card! Winner!

sky cashback

Phone Contracts

Mobile phones are expensive! When I signed up for my new phone contract with EE last year I made sure to check TCB before buying anything! Because of this, I managed to earn £60 just for clicking through the TopCashback website (which paid for 2 months of my contract!). At the time of me writing this post EE are offering up to £93 cashback on mobile contracts!

ee cashback

Grocery Shopping

This one is a simple, everyday deal. I spent just over £25 on my grocery shop at Asda and got £7 back in cashback. Yes, it’s not a massive earner, but for groceries that needed to be bought regardless, I’m pretty pleased with this one! Not to mention the fact that I hate shopping and doing my grocery shop; this meant that I didn’t have to go visit the store! 

Topcashback earnings from asda

Seasonal Competitions

TCB love to run a seasonal competition. These usually take place leading up to Christmas, Easter and Summer. There are 1000’s of prizes to be won and usually a grand prize of £1000-£2000! To play you’ll need to log on to your account and guess the answer to a daily clue. I’ve never won the big prizes. But I usually win some of the smaller cash prizes every time they run one of these giveaways!


You can earn cashback on a range of giftcards purchased through TopCashback. Therefore, all you need to do is choose the value of your giftcard and receive it immediately. Further, most retailers offer 5% on a gift card purchase. I’ve taken advantage of this offer by claiming Morrison’s and Argos gift cards on various occasions.

TopCashback Refer a Friend

Another TopCashback bonus is the tell-a-friend scheme! Once you’ve signed up you’ll be given a unique link that you can share with friends and family. If they sign up using your link (and earn at least £10) you’ll both get a bonus between £5-£20! In addition, if you sign up using my link and we both get a bonus! You should, however, check the terms and conditions to make full use of the referral scheme as the amount you receive can change daily.

Alternatives to TopCashback

TCB is my favourite cashback website but there are other websites, browser extensions and apps that you can use. Here’s some of the best alternatives to TopCashback:

  • Quidco. The most similar to TCB is Quidco. It works exactly the same, has very similar cashback rates, retailers and the referral programme is identical.
  • Swagbucks. Very similar to TCB, Swagbucks offers more ways to earn. Complete surveys, watch videos and play games to earn.
  • Boom25. This Cashback site has a different concept. When you shop through Boom25 you have a 1 in 25 chance of winning the total cost of your shop back.
  • Honey. This is a browser extension that automatically searches for the best discount codes available at a retailer. You also earn gold/cashback for using the extension.
  • Airtime Rewards. Download the Airtime Rewards app to automatically earn cashback when you shop at selected retailers. Use code D4E3EPAA for a sign up bonus.

As well as TCB if you want to find out more information on all the cashback websites and apps in my Cashback Guide.

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