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New Year New You?

New Year, New You, More Money? If you want to be more money savvy this in 2019 I have some quick tips to help you on your way. Read more…

Is your 2019 goal to lose weight/get fit/be healthier? Upgrade your fitness routine without blowing your budget. Read more…

It’s easy to fall into bad habits but taking control of your finances now could be what you need to achieve a debt-free 2019! Read more…

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With blue Monday approaching I wanted to share some self-care ideas. Some self-care activities are more expensive than others but here are some of my favourite (mostly free) self care activities. Read more…

Bulb is one of the newest providers on the energy block and it promises to provide renewable energy at an affordable price! Bulb is £280 cheaper than the average Big Six provider, and is currently offering a generous £50 Bulb referral credit. Read more… 


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The Gender Pay Gap Explained

With gender equality being a major talking point across the UK, and with fake headlines causing confusion, I'm going to clear up some of misunderstanding surrounding the gender pay gap.