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Emma – Money Bee 🐝

Hi, I’m Emma, the one-woman team that created Bee Money Savvy. My mission is to help you to achieve your own version of financial freedom. Whether that’s earning more money, paying off debt or owning your own home you will find helpful advice.

Using the tricks found on this website you will be able to increase your income and clear your debts whilst maintaining an ethical and sustainable stance.

Created in 2017 Bee Money Savvy has been nominated for Best New Money Blog 2018, shortlisted for Best Money Making Blog 2019 and listed as Know Your Money’s Top Finance Blogs of 2019.

Earn More Money

£1000 From Home

I managed to earn £1000 from home and alongside my part-time employment. I want to show you exactly how I managed to earn so much from home so that you too can start earning money online too. Here is how I earned money online and from home.

How I Earned £1000 From Home in 1 Month

Live a Sustainable Life

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“Nominated for ‘Best New Money Blog’ at the SHOMO Awards 2018” – UK Money Bloggers

“Shortlisted for ‘Best Money Making Blog’ at the SHOMO Awards 2019” – UK Money Bloggers

“Shortlisted by Know Your Money as one of the Top Finance Blogs of 2019” – Know Your Money

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