10+ Ways to get FREE FOOD!

Free food has to be the best kind of freebie. I’ve been searching for ways to claim free food since being a teenager and I’m still on the lookout today!

I’ve managed to find multiple apps, websites and initiatives that offer free food in exchange for a review, downloading an app or for signing up to their service. Here are some of my favourite ways to claim free food.

Please donate any leftover food that you don’t want or need. I often claim free food items to donate to my local foodbank.

Shopmium (My Personal Favourite)

If you love a good deal from your local supermarket this is the app for you. Shopmium offer fab deals on food, drinks and cosmetics & there’s always something for free in the available offers section!

How does Shopmium work?

  • Download the Shopmium app and create an account.
  • Browse the discount offers and deals (there’s usually several free food offers on there).
  • Buy the products next time you go shopping.
  • Scan the barcode of the product & take a picture of your receipt.
  • Get your cashback in your PayPal (or bank account) within 2 days.
  • If you sign up here (or with code: AEFAMUGY) you’ll get an extra freebie too!

Download Shopmium

The CheckoutSmart App

CheckoutSmart is very similar to Shopmium in that it is an app (available on iOS and Android) that has a range of discounted and free food, drink and beauty products that you can claim for free. The only difference is that you don’t get your money paid to you automatically. You’ll need to manually cash out, and if you cashout anything less than £20 you’ll be charged a small transfer fee.

I check CheckoutSmart daily for freebies from my local supermarket and cash out when I hit the £20 mark.

Download CheckoutSmart

Green Jinn App

The Green Jinn app is a great cashback app for those of you that want cashback on healthy food. Green Jinn offer money off items such as fruit and veg, vegetarian food and eco friendly products.

Currently cashback offers are available at Tesco, Sainsbury’s, ASDA, Morrison’s and Waitrose, but they are constantly expand to include additional stores and brands.

Use promo code ‘beemoneysavvy1’ when signing up for a £1 bonus.

Get the Green Jinn App

Become a Mystery Shopper

As a Market Force mystery shopper, you’ll get paid to eat and shop for free at your favourite shops/restaurants. I usually do one mystery shopping assignment a week – I get the money I spent on food/clothes back as well as a payment for my time. Sounds like something you’d like to do?

There are various other companies out there that pay you as a mystery shopper but I prefer to stick with Market Force as I’ve never had an issue with them & the money has always gone into my account a week or so after the assignment has been cleared.

Become a Mystery Shopper

Learn how to Forage for Free Food

foraging for free food

Foraging is the acquisition of food by hunting, fishing, or the gathering of plant matter. If you’re new to foraging I’d recommend staying away from mushrooms/fungi (lots of these could be potentially harmful), but things like berries & nuts are easy to identify! Here are a few easy ones to get you started:

  • Chestnuts: The Sweet Chestnut tree produces edible nuts. These are usually roasted & eaten.
  • Berries: If you’ve ever gone blackberry picking at some point in your life, you’ll know that it grows just about anywhere! Add blackberries to smoothies, yogurts, jams or if you’re not ready to use them yet, freeze them!
  • Apples/Pears: You can pick apples and pears from trees, just make sure they’re not on private land first.
  • Nettles: They can be found pretty much anywhere. Use them to make soup, tea, & nettle beer.
  • Cockles/mussels: If you live by the seaside, you can also go cockle picking! Check Google to find out the best spots to go picking cockles.

I particularly like the idea of foraging because there’s nothing better than food that is fresh, healthy and free! Just make sure to clean your free food before eating.

Get cashback from Groceries

TopCashback offer money back from your online & (some) in-store grocery shop! If you’re not already sign up to TopCashback what are you doing?!

When you shop online, simply sign in to your TopCashback account & click through to the store you want to shop at. By doing this, you’ll earn cashback on every purchase you make. When shopping in store you either have to set up your card to get cashback (at selected stores) on the website or use the snap and save page to upload your receipts (and claim your free food).

I use Swagbucks & Quidco as well as TCB – they all have individual perks like seasonal offers and competitions so I recommend signing up to all of them.

Learn about Cashback

Triyit – Product Discovery Club

Triyit UK is a product discovery club. They send out boxes of products for you to try and review at home. I’ve had lots of food to test at home. Just sign up, tell them your preferences and check your emails when you’re matched to new products.

Just make sure to review any products you receive – you’ll be invited to more campaigns when you review.

Sign up to Triyit

Vegan Inventions

Vegan inventions is a just like Triyit in that you’ll get to try new products – only these products will be vegan. They send out product trials for you to try and review at home.

Sign up to Vegan Inventions

Flavor Wiki Taste Testing

Flavor Wiki are always looking for new taste testers to try out a range of food and drink items. I’ve had free cheese, milkshakes, chocolate and veggie burgers through their tasting programme.

Sign up to FlavorWiki


Olio is a mobile app for food-sharing, aiming to reduce food waste. You can view all the free food listings in your area, and collect the freebies you want.

You can also share any surplus food you may have and become a food waste hero. Tesco are also signed up to Olio and regularly request that local people collect food that would otherwise be thrown away.

Download Olio

Recipe Boxes

There are a whole host of recipe boxes. These often have a welcome offer including money off or freebies. Her are some of the recipe box deals I’ve found recently:

  • Gousto – get 60% off your first recipe box (that’s £2.19 per serving) and £15 free credit for every friend you introduce to Gousto.
  • HelloFresh – get £20 free credit to spend on your first recipe box with HelloFresh.
  • Mindful Chef – get 25% off your first 4 Mindful Chef boxes.
  • Pasta Evangelists – £10 off first order.
  • Green Chef – £25 off your first box of healthy recipe kits.

Claim birthday freebies

Now I wouldn’t usually suggest eating out to save money but there is one rule to this exception – your birthday! Tons of restaurants and cafes have a policy to offer free food on customer’s birthdays!

Be birthday savvy and you could dine like royalty for breakfast, lunch and dinner (and have a few cheeky free snacks to keep for the next day) without opening your wallet once. Check out my guide to birthday freebies for the full rundown on getting your free birthday cake and eating it!

Birthday Freebies

Free Graze Snacks

Graze allows you to claim your first snack box completely free (you will need to put your bank details in but don’t worry you can cancel your subscription at any time!). As well as the odd personalised discount, they offer you your 5th & 10th box free too!

Free Graze Snacks

Loyalty Apps

  • GreggsFrom time to time Greggs offer freebies on their loyalty app. These freebies have included free bottles of pop, packets of crisp, sandwiches and hot drinks! You’ll also get a free treat on your birthday. 
  • Costa (Invite code AAJL3) – If you’re a frequent visitor to Costa it’s worth downloading their app and collecting your points. They do seasonal offers too where you can claim free hot drinks and more.
  • Subway (invite code X-5Z9R3QO) – Expect a free sub on World Sandwich Day and free cookies on your birthday.
  • KFC – When you download the KFC app you’ll get a free side that can be redeemed on your next order. You can also find exclusive offers in the app.
  • McDonalds – I’ve managed to claim free hot drinks and wraps through the McDonalds app in the past. NHS staff can get 20% off via the app too.
  • O2 priority – O2 and Virgin Media customers can claim a free Greggs treat and Caffe Nero hot drink every week with the O2 priority app.

Please consider donating any leftover food that you don’t want or need. I often claim free food items to donate to my local foodbankHave you found a simple and legal way to bag free food? Let us know in the comments section below and we’ll add it to our list!

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  • The birthday one is a personal favourite of mine – TGI Friday’s offer free dessert for you and up to five of your friends on your birthday and half birthday, which I love because I’m a sucker for dessert when eating out.. ???‍♀️ I’m definitely going to look into being a mystery shopper, that sounds super interesting! ?

  • Really good tips you got there! I never thought about the mystery shopper one, will definitely give it a go. And the Pay as you Feel cafes too. Thanks for sharing! x

  • Food always tastes better when its free! lol. Awesome tips that you shared here. There were a few that you mentioned that I need to check out.

  • There are some really great tips here! The birthday one is one I always mean to take advantage of but I always forget about, going to try and remember that next year to make the most of it. Being a mystery shopper sounds fun as well, getting the experience AND getting paid for it too is the best of both worlds

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