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I use tons of apps to make a little extra money in my spare time, including survey apps, task-based apps and shopping apps. Using a combination of all these apps I’ve managed to earn £100’s this year; either from my sofa, on my commute or while I’m out shopping, all thanks to my smartphone! I have an iPhone so the apps I discuss below are all accessible via the App Store, however, in most cases these apps will be available for Android users too! 

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BeMyEye is a task-based app that pays you to complete easy audits such as identifying coffee machines, taking pictures of creative sales displays & uploading receipts! I usually earn £4-£8 per task – the tasks take less than 10 minutes. You can request payment once you’ve earned £5. In total I’ve earned £105 in total from BeMyEye now. For each task you successfully complete you will also gain XP; the higher your XP the more perks you will get!

Download the BeMyEye app


Roamler is another task-based app that pays you to complete easy audits such as checking sales displays of certain products! Earn around £4 per (5min) task! Withdraw your money once you reach £5.

Download Roamler

Field Agent

Field Agent is very much a mystery shopping type app, the tasks you often get from Field Agent are reviewing particular shopping market displays. Earn £4-15 per task and be in with a chance of winning a bigger cash prize (usually £25-£200). I’ve earned over £100 from this app in total now! You can request payment straight to your bank, this is usually processed within a week.

Download Field Agent


AttaPoll is a survey app that pays you to complete easy surveys on your phone. The surveys are fairly regular but remember to check it regularly. You can earn 10p-£2 per survey. Cash out at £5. Additionally earn points for referring friends and family.

Download Attapoll


Vypr is a really easy to use opinion app. If you hate long surveys, this is the app for you as most Vypr tasks are between 1 to 5 questions. Every 1000 points is equal to £5, and you can redeem this straight to your PayPal.

Download Vypr


VoxPopMe is a video survey app that pays you to record yourself reviewing a brand/service/ad. You only need to record yourself for a minimum of 15 seconds. You can earn 25p per 15 second recording (sometimes more if you qualify for brand based videos). Cash out once you reach £10.

Download the Voxpopme App

One Pulse

One Pulse is very similar to Vypr in that it’s an easy to use opinion app. Again, it’s great if you hate long surveys as most tasks are usually 3 questions. You’ll earn around 35(cent) per (paid survey), cash out at $5/£3.50.

Download OnePulse


Swagbucks is a website/app that pays you to complete easy surveys as well as watch videos and complete offers on your phone (and online). See my Swagbucks blog post for tips on earning more from Swagbucks. I earn at least £5 a week from Swagbucks just in my spare time! Make sure to collect your daily bonus to get a big payout at the end of the month. Most surveys pay around 75 Swagbucks (around 50p).

More info on Swagbucks


text: "Iphone apps I use to make money" image: iphone displaying apps on homescreenHold rewards students for not touching their phone. You get 10 points every 20 minutes that you keep off your phone. You can redeem these points for a range of rewards including gift cards, cinema tickets, charity donations and sweepstake competition entries. 

Download Hold

Curious Cat

Curious Cat is a survey app that pays you to complete (mostly) easy surveys on your phone. Surveys are fairly regular but remember to refresh regularly. You can earn 10p-£3 per survey. Cash out your earnings straight to your PayPal as soon as you earn over £1!

Download Curious Cat

Job Spotter

Job Spotter is completely different from anything mentioned above. It’s an app that allows people to upload local job vacancies, if you spot a poster advertising for staff, snap a picture of the advert & shop and you’ll get rewarded! You’ll earn 5p-£1 in Amazon vouchers per job advert uploaded. The more obscure the job advert the more you’ll get paid for it!

Download Job Spotter


This app adds value to the distance you walk/run outside. Sweatcoins rewards you points based on how far you walk (outdoors) each day. You’ll earn 1 ‘sweatcoin’ for each 1000 steps you walk/run. You can also gain additional points by checking into the app everyday. There are also tons of offers on the app and they usually have a cash option too!

Realistically, it’s going to take a long time for you to earn anything significant with Sweatcoins. However, if you have a group of friends/family who walk a lot you could all pool your points together and redeem one of the marathon offers (£1000 cash/Samsung TV/iPhone XS).

Download Sweatcoins 


Get rewarded for uploading receipts. You’re only allowed to upload 1 receipt per store per day but if you remember to do it every time you shop it soon adds up! That’s £5 per 106 receipts. Additionally, you can earn points in prize draws and by completing quick surveys too). Bonus Tip: If you add at least 1 receipt a week you will also be added into a weekly prize draw.

Download the Shoppix app

Checkout Smart

Checkoutsmart is a cashback shopping app. There are daily offers, so it’s worth checking to see what freebies you can bag from your local supermarket. Keep the receipt and scan as you will need a photo of these to get your money back! You can cash out your earnings at anytime but will incur a small fee (5%) if you cash out before earning £20. Payments can take up to 10 days to be processed.

Download CheckoutSmart


Get cashback on your shopping (including groceries and toiletries) with Shopmium. There are loads of freebies on this app, but you’ll also find money off & buy one get one free offers! Expect lots of free food, drink, and cosmetics. Combine these offers with coupons and you can actually make a profit from buying freebies! You can also refer your friends to join Shopmium for a bonus of £3 (this can be used against any of the offers on the app).

Download the Shopmium App

Airtime Rewards

Airtime Rewards is an app that offer you cashback every time you shop at a selected retailer once you’ve connected your credit card. You can then use this money to pay your next phone bill! It’s a slow earner but definitely one worth having, you’ll also get 50p for every friend you refer! Use code D4E3EPAA for a 50p bonus.

Sign up to Airtime Rewards


I’m sure that everyone’s heard of ebay right? Like, Depop, ebay also has an app where you can easily sell your used items from your phone (or online). Earnings depend how often your listing items for sale and how much money you make from each of them. There are tons of people who work from home by selling items on ebay!

Sign up to ebay


Want to get paid to be part of an online community where you’re asked to get creative and help brands with logo, slogan, and marketing ideas? You’ll need a code when you sign up (I used “Kindness”). On day one of downloading Bulbshare, I manage to earn £5! You get paid £5 (UK) or $7 (US) for every 3 completed tasks.


Slidejoy (Android Only)

If you’re an android user Slidejoy lets you earn money from your phones lock screen. Install the app form the google play store, and get paid to use your phone’s lock screen as ad space (you don’t need to click on these ads to earn). You can expect to make between $6-10 a month, and can redeem your credits for vouchers from Amazon, Uber, Spotify, and Tesco to name a few.

Download Slidejoy

More Money Making Apps and Websites

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I’ll keep adding to this list every time I find a new money making app so be sure to check regularly for new money-making opportunities! Have you found a fab app that helps you to make some extra £££’s on the go? Let us know below and I’ll add it to the list!

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