How to Become a Mystery Shopper

I absolutely love mystery shopping! I’ve been paid to eat at my favourite restaurants, shop at my favourite retailers and buy my favourite products! You do have to be aware that there is (a little) work involved; usually in the form of a quick review but I think that it’s worth it for a free day out! Here are the mystery shopping sites that I use (and have been paid by).

Become a Mystery Shopper

Disclaimer: if you’re looking to become mega rich, mystery shopping is not the answer! If you’re looking for something to do in your spare time (meals/days out) then mystery shopping is awesome! Anything you earn from Mystery Shopping is your responsibility to declare for tax purposes.

Mystery Shopping with Market Force

Sign up to Market Force. You’ll need to pass a basic grammar and spelling test – this takes around 10 minutes. When you do sign up to a task make sure to read through the task notes. This step is really important to ensure that you get paid! You usually need to have completed the feedback form the same day/within 24 hours.

Sign up to Market Force

Here’s all the free food that I’ve got for free through mystery shopping with Market Force so far:

Want more free food? You should read my free* food blog post!

Mystery Shopping with Retail Active

I haven’t had as much experience with Retail Active but depending on your location this one may be worth signing up to too. The average shopping tasks pays between £3-£10 but I’ve seen in demand tasks pay up to £60! Retail active also have an App called ‘Mobi Audit’ that you can use for picking up visits and completing reports on the go.

Visit Retail Active

Mystery Shopping with BeMyEye

If you’re wanting to earn an extra bit of money while you have a spare 5 minutes BeMyEye is the one for you! BeMyEye is an app on your phone (meaning that you need a working smartphone to sign up for this one). Also often with BeMyEye you don’t have to buy anything – you just head into a shop, take a few pictures of a display and give your opinion on it! Easy! I’ve had tasks in Tesco, Sainsbury’s and John Lewis and I’m usually paid £3-£10 for 5 minutes work!

Download BeMyEye

Mystery Shopping with Field Agent

Field Agent is an audit service in the UK (and worldwide) that collects data for clients using the Field Agent app (available for both iPhone and Android users). When a new job comes up Field Agent broadcasts the task via the app for agents (you) to complete in exchange for payment. Typically tasks include simply taking a photo or video, counting items on a shelf, checking a price or filling in a survey. Most tasks pay around £5, are pretty simple and take between 5-10 minutes to complete. I earned £15 within the first day of downloading this app so I would 100% recommend!

Download Field Agent

In-Store Checks with Roamler

Roamler is very similar to Field Agent and BeMyEye as it required you to complete in-store audits of stock and displays. Mystery audits are offered everywhere: in supermarkets, bars, restaurants, cinemas, petrol stations, etc. Raomler is rated very highly as they offer much more training and guidance when completing their tasks. You will, however, need a friends code to access the Roamler app (you can usually find these on Twitter).

Download Roamler

Mystery Shopping with StreetBees

Streetbees is an app (available on both Android and iOS) which pays you to complete the odd surveys and tasks. You’ll notice when you sign up that their are a lot of unpaid screener tasks; sometimes you have to do these before you’re invited to the paid ones! Most of the paid tasks will reward you with £1, however, you can make up to £10 in some cases. The payout system is very quick and through PayPal (once it has been verified). To give it a go click on the link below and enter referral code 7833GV.

Download Streetbees

Video Reviews with Voxpopme

Voxpopme isn’t really ‘mystery shopping‘ but it is a review sharing app that you can do in the comfort of your own home. Voxpopme will ask for your opinion on a brand/retailer/topic and then you have 15 seconds to a minute to give your response. The only catch is that you have to record yourself while you give your opinion – so if you’re fine with that this could be a winner for you! You’re usually rewarded 25p per recording but there are the odd opportunities to earn £5 or £10. You’ll also need PayPal to cash out!

Download Voxpopme

Market Research

There are tons of companies willing to pay you for your opinion on a range of products and services! I’ve been paid £75 to give my opinion on holiday travel sites, been paid £20 to test out some sanitary products and gained tons of make up and beauty freebies in return for an honest review. If you’re interested in paid market research studies I would recommend signing up to respondent.

Sign up to Respondent

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