Curve: £5 Free Bonus with Cashback Card

I recently discovered the Curve Card and have managed to save money using it on my usual supermarket shop! Curve is for people who want to be smarter with their money. It’s a secure app and contactless mastercard that offers great insights and rewards on your shopping. Here’s why you should consider signing up.

Cashback Rewards

Get free £5 credit when you first sign up with referral code J7NOW, then 1% cashback at a whole range of top retailers for 3 months!

cashback on card

As soon as you use your Curve card to pay you’ll get a notification on the app, which helps you keep track of what you’re spending.

Earn rewards with existing cards. If you have an existing card that rewards you (such as a Santander All in One or TSB Platinum Purchase credit card) you can still earn these rewards while using Curve. Plus for the first three months, new Curve customers can select 3 participating brands to earn an extra 1% cashback at. These brands include: Waitrose, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Boots, John Lewis, Ikea, ASOS,, BP, Starbucks, Deliveroo & more!

If you don’t know about cashback already, check out my guide to cashback, it could save you £££’s!

What’s the catch?

While I think that Curve is fab and well worth signing up for. But there are a few pitfalls to watch out for, including the loss of Section 75 consumer protection and overseas fees.

Section 75 credit card protection. Normally when you buy something costing between £100 and £30,000 and pay for any of it on a credit card, you get Section 75 protection, meaning that your card is jointly liable with the retailer if things go wrong. Using Curve invalidates this protection.

Overseas spending fees and cash withdrawals. If you use it abroad, Curve uses the Mastercard exchange rate, but charges a 1% fee on top. It also adds a £2 charge for overseas ATM withdrawals. You can avoid these by getting a top travel credit card such as the Halifax Clarity or Platinum Travel Barclaycard, which charges no spending or ATM fees and uses the Mastercard exchange rate.

Spending your Curve cashback

I’ve earned over £400 in cashback over the past few years. To use any earned cashback (or to redeem your start up bonus of £5) you need to select Curve Rewards on the app as your preferred payment method. Then purchases on the card will use any bonus money/cashback that you’ve earned.

You can use your earned cashback to make any purchase, just remember to select ‘rewards’ as your payment method.

How do I apply for a Curve Card?

To get one of the cards you need to:

  1. Download the app (available on Android and iOS)
  2. Use promo code J7NOW (to get the £5 bonus).
  3. Register & add existing cards to the app, and set a default card (you can add most Mastercard, Visa debit, credit or prepaid cards).
  4. Use your Curve card for all your spending and earn cashback!

The app gives real-time notifications, and shows all of your transactions in one place. Make sure that you’re paying in the correct currency or you’ll incur a small currency charge.

Get a £5 bonus with code J7NOW

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